EcoCelium is Now Live – Ready to Mark the Next Step in DeFi

On February 25, 2021, one of the most innovative DeFi platforms was launched  – EcoCelium.

After Bitcoin hit $40k at the beginning of the year, things flourished for the crypto domain, especially after Elon Musk joined the hype. And DeFi, of all the blockchain’s sidekicks, is the most appreciated technology in the financial field.

Not just that it offers security and anonymity, but it provides users with almost all the traditional bank activities without needing third parties to validate them. Exchanging, lending, yield farming – each of them is now possible on the blockchain.

However, due to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in the last couple of weeks, many people found themselves lost between technical details and disorganized information. Add to that their fear of choosing a particular blockchain and later discovering that another one would be better.

And that’s what EcoCelium is going to change once and for all.

What it’s EcoCelium?

EcoCelium is a Decentralized Finance platform built on no less than 43 smart contracts audited by John Wick Security Lab.

Among its unique features, the most notable ones are:

  • The WalletConnect – that allows multiple wallets to connect to the platform just by scanning a QR code or by deep-linking;
  • The multi-chain ECO token – that backs all the rewards on the platform;
  • The Treasury vault – which gives you an annual percentage yield for adding the tokens to your wallet;
  • The Earn saving account – that also gives you APY depending on the sum of tokens locked;
  • The Swap service – that makes it possible to exchange your assets between two Blockchains.

The ECO token is the core of this platform, with a value of 0.001 USD at the moment and a total supply of 5 billion. After the token is used in exchanges, its value will increase day after day, and it will become one of the highest liquidity tokens out there.

Note that in just the first week on Uniswap, the ECO token accumulated 1 million in liquidity from the ECO-USDT listing pool. So its potential is evident.

And back to our overview about the platform, we can notice how many changes the multi-chain services will bring to the financial domain, substantially decreasing the anxiety of making “the wrong choice”.

Any plans for the future?

EcoCelium’steam is not stopping here. Its roadmap highlights the passion with which the current platform was built:

  • The first quarter of 2021 will bring us the EcoCelerator – a feature that will allow users to use the Uniswap and EcoCelium platforms at the same time, and reward the contributions to the liquidity pool with LP tokens;
  • The second quarter hides the EcoLizer – whose purpose is to create liquidity in the marketplace and reward users for using the Swap feature.

If you are interested in finding out more about EcoCelium, then follow them to be up to date with their new visions and projects.

Email: [email protected]

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