Ecoterra Crosses the $500,000 Milestone in Fundraising: Why Are Investors Rushing to this Groundbreaking Recycle-to-Earn App?

The Ecoterra presale recently crossed the $500,000 milestone in its fundraising – just over two weeks from going live. Investors are quickly rushing to the groundbreaking recycle-to-earn application because they believe it can push the world into a more environmentally sustainable future by incentivizing individuals across the globe to start recycling.

The project has created an application that makes it extremely easy to start recycling in three simple steps while rewarding users simultaneously. Keep reading to learn why investors believe Ecoterra can provide significant returns with its recycle-to-earn app, carbon offset marketplace, and recycled materials market.

Ecoterra Crosses $500,000 in Fundraising.

Just a little over two weeks from starting its presale, the Ecoterra fundraising has already crossed the $500,000 milestone. The traction generated by the presale is truly unprecedented as investors quickly rush to purchase the native token – Ecoterra –  that will power the entire recycle-to-earn ecosystem.

The presale is currently sitting in the second stage, selling the native token for a price of $0.00475. It’s important to note that the presale is utilizing a rising price strategy, meaning that the price of the Ecoterra token will increase during each subsequent presale stage. Therefore, those investing in the earlier stages purchase the token cheaper than those investing in the later stages. For example, when the presale enters the third stage, the price for the Ecoterra token will increase to $0.00550.

As a result of the rising prices, everybody that invests in the presale will leave the fundraising with unrealized gains. The team has stated that they intend to list the token on tier-1 exchanges at a price of $0.01, providing remarkable unrealized returns for all presale investors.

Why are Investors Rushing to Ecoterra?

Investors are rushing to the Ecoterra presale because they believe the project is helping push the world into a better future. Ecoterra is a recycle-to-earn application that is focused on rewarding people for taking action on climate change. The app is intended to reach a wide range of users – including individuals, businesses, large industries, and governments – with the intention of providing them all an incentive to take action and start recycling.

With global temperatures consistently on the rise over the past few decades, the project attempts to encourage the recycling process to fight against global warming and prevent climate change by educating the public on the need for recycling and providing them with an incentive to get started.

The project utilizes a mechanic from the GameFi sector, which rewards users for completing certain actions in an ecosystem. For example, the GameFi sector gave birth to play-to-earn, which rewards users for playing their favorite games. Another concept utilizing GameFi mechanics includes move-to-earn, which rewards users for maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise. Ecoterra has morphed these GameFi mechanics to give birth to an entirely new concept called recycle-to-earn. All users will be rewarded every time they recycle, so long as they follow the steps outlined in the application.

How Does it Work?

The Ecoterra application has made it as straightforward as possible to let individuals recycle materials to earn rewards, as they can get started earning rewards in three simple steps.

The first step is to scan the barcode of recyclable products for an instant match in the Ecoterra AI-powered database. Users are able to scan the barcodes on materials such as plastic, glass, and aluminum to receive an instant quote on how much they can earn for recycling.

Once scanned, the application will direct the user to the nearest Reverse Vending Machine to recycle their materials. Users simply have to deposit their items for recycling in the RVM and take a photo of the receipt provided.

The final step is uploading the receipt to the application to earn rewards.

More than Just a Recycling Rewards Platform

Ecoterra also has a suite of eco-conscious products that span beyond the idea of recycling. For example, the project includes a Recycled Materials Marketplace, which allows users to purchase recycled plastics, glass, or aluminum using Ecoterra tokens. The recycled materials marketplace allows individuals to connect with companies all over the world to purchase recycled materials that have the biggest positive impact on the environment. Users can pay directly with Ecoterra, crypto, or fiat through the application.

In addition, Ecoterra also contains a Carbon Offset Marketplace, which allows users to purchase carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint. A carbon credit represents a ton of CO2 being removed from the atmosphere and is typically used by large corporations to reduce their carbon emissions. The carbon offset marketplace now opens the doors to allow individuals to make an impact by purchasing fully verified carbon offsets in partnership with VERA.

Finally, Ecoterra also contains an Impact Trackable Profile for all users, which lets them track all of their positive actions within the ecosystem. The profile allows individuals to showcase their efforts toward combating climate change and lets companies position themselves as leaders in the fight against global warming.

Invest Before Prices Surge Further

With the presale currently in the second phase, you have a fantastic opportunity to get invested in a project at the very early stages. Furthermore, with the current price for Ecoterra set at $0.00475, you are practically guaranteed unrealized gains of 110% once the presale ends and the token hits tier-1 exchanges across the industry.

Remember, the presale uses an increasing pricing strategy, so these low prices won’t be around for too long.

Overall, it’s unsurprising to see Ecoterra hitting the $500,000 milestone in a short fortnight since its launch. The groundbreaking product provided by the project has the potential to make a strong positive impact on the world while providing a source of income for those keen on recycling.

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