EGO Token is Coming: Paysenger set to launch a new token

Fast rising blockchain platform, Paysenger has revealed the upcoming launch of its native token ‘’Ego Token’’. The presale is scheduled to launch from April 2022 on Tokensoft and is expected to take its ecosystem to the next level.

Key details about EGO token launch

EGO is the first token on Tokensoft based on Binance Smart Chain. In addition, participants can buy as many as 35,000,000 EGO tokens at $0.05 per EGO. To get into the investor pool, potential buyers must sign up here before April 4 .

Communication is said to be the best way to connect with people personally, and Paysenger is offering to bridge the gap between experts or media personalities and fans through the EGO token. The EGO token acts as an internal payment instrument. In addition, the token liquidity is secured by a mass audience who wish to pay for communication with experts or idols and influencers who want to reach out to more listeners.

Experts or Influencers can use the communication platform to earn money from their content and communicate with the audience on a new level. On the other hand, the audience can directly contact their favorite influencer, tokenise responses from their idols and earn on paid surveys from brands.


Furthermore the received media content can be converted into NFT (Non-fungible token). This can be saved or sold on the internal marketplace for EGO tokens.

Linking Communication and the Blockchain

The goal of Paysenger is to transform the blockchain by making the technology more accessible to a large audience. As a result, the communication platform’s project received the Best ICO  2022 award at the Crypto Expo 2022 conference in Dubai. This award was due to the great interest from financial and crypto funds to the project at the Crypto Expo.

Currently, Paysenger has a partnership with the conference body to co-host one of the biggest Crypto gatherings this year. This highly anticipated event is expected to include some of the top influencers in the crypto space.

Moreover, Paysenger has shown its potential as an ICO by raising $2 million during the strategic and seed round. Other notable achievements include the launch of web and the beta launch of it mobile apps, acquiring over 100,000 users, and onboarding 85 knowledgeable and professional experts.

Paysenger has already outlined its plans for the coming months which includes the launch of a mobile app and increasing its userbase to 5 million users.

About Paysenger

Paysenger is the next level communication platform that allows users to monetise their influence. The internet is filled with lots of content, and it is challenging to keep the attention of audiences who are easily distracted. Now brands and influencers can attract attention to their messages or call by paying for the recipient’s attention with a fiat or EGO token.

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