Electra (ECA) Partners with UniFox to Provide Cryptocurrency ATM & POS Machines Worldwide

The multifaceted cryptocurrency project UniFox will be adding the fast and secure Electra (ECA) currency to their international network of ATMs & POS terminals.

 June 28, 2018 – – Electra (ECA) announced today that it has partnered with the UniFox project. UniFox will be Electra’s second collaboration of the 2018 mass adoption campaign. This partnership will entail the direct listing of ECA upon the UniFox Network of Payment Kiosks (ATMs) as well as their Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals. The Unifox network has a global reach – incorporating over 6,000 ATMs and over 50,000 POS terminals in the initial stages.

UniFox is a new company which has revealed its crypto-friendly ecosystem through an announcement upon the Bitcoin Forum. The announcement details the blueprint of the UniFox network, comprising a self-sufficient project of five segments: Online Exchange Platforms, ATMs, Stable Cryptocurrency (Unicash), POS Terminals, and a Decentralized Exchange.

UniFox seeks to incorporate cryptocurrencies into everyday life through the introduction of their autonomous designs. To incite mass adoption, cryptocurrencies need to be achievable, spendable, fungible, independent and decentralized. The UniFox project will incorporate all these aspects via the extensive connections arranged throughout their network and has already invested $7,000,000 to develop the network’s five segments.

Four out of the five segments are complete and prepared for operation, including fully-developed ATM and POS prototypes which are demonstrated within their project videos. The Payment Kiosks (ATMs) and POS Terminals that will utilize ECA are essential to mass adoption for transactions between cash (fiat) and cryptocurrencies as well as sales related to retail transactions. “Unifox is an interesting partnership that will eventually make Electra one of the rare cryptocurrencies that can be usable via credit card to purchase almost any real-world goods and services,” said E01, Founder, Electra. “Credit for this partnership goes out to team member Aykut Baybas; he made it happen and it is a deal that I anticipate will prove to be highly beneficial to all our users in the future.”

Electra is preparing for the release of new technologies that have been under development since Q1 2018. As Electra’s #ecamassadoption campaign continues to complement new releases, UniFox will prove a strategic partner, vital to propel ECA into global awareness. “Electra has an incredibly powerful community and that’s one of the most important reasons why we decided to implement ECA into the UniFox system,” said Michal Vlasak, CMO, UniFox. “We want to cooperate with serious projects that have strong foundations and bring added value to the world and Electra fulfills all of these requirements.” With ECA upon the UniFox network, ECA becomes a viable option for daily expenditures, geared towards convenience.

About Electra

Electra is a community-driven, open-source cryptocurrency project featuring the ECA coin – a near instant method of transacting upon the Electra blockchain. ECA is a Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency based on the NIST5 algorithm, achieving distributed consensus and offering a quick, secure way to send money across all borders. With a team of dedicated, professional volunteers from all over the globe, and a growing community of over 35,000 members, Electra strives to reach every corner of the world by introducing products tailored to the needs of the community.

Find more information about how Electra is influencing the world of cryptocurrencies at:

Website – https://electraproject.org/.
Telegram – https://t.me/electracoineca
Twitter – https://twitter.com/ElectracoinECA
Discord – https://discordapp.com/invite/B8F7Jdv
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Electracoineca/


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