Elirtex: The Promising Future of Crypto and Overall Financial Investment


Is there any reason to invest in cryptocurrency in 2018 and beyond? Well, if you are interested in cryptocurrency investment, there is a good chance you have already tried Bitcoin or Ethereum. With the New Year fast approaching, experts from all over the world have been weighing in on their thoughts on the future of crypto. Cryptocurrencies, after all, are volatile in nature and anyone looking to invest in the industry needs to pay attention to multiple variables in order to mitigate financial risk. However, Jeet Singh (a portfolio manager at the World Economic Forum in Davos) certainly seems to disagree. According to him, “current volatility is completely normal”

According to Singh, it is normal for cryptocurrencies to fluctuate by up to 70 or 80 percent. If that margin sends a shiver down your spine, don’t panic. There are incredible solutions out there that make crypto investment much less risky while maintaining if not improving your overall profit margins. One such solution is Elirtex.

What is Elirtex?

Elirtex is a promising startup that provides an investment platform that limits financial risk. With a portfolio of investments in public health and medicine, educational training platforms or financial consulting and risk management, Elirtex boasts of being a top of the line investment and capital fund. The company’s main target markets are corporate, institutional and private investors looking for profitable and secure investment projects to invest in. With any amount of funds, you can get started with Elirtex and thanks to an investment policy based on a team of experienced industry leading economic experts you get to invest in the most promising project there is.

Elirtex has its head office and legal registration in Hong Kong with other offices open in London and UK. The company is currently holding its crowdfunding investment plan that will run for the next 12 weeks. Although the company only has Bitcoin investments at the moment, there are plans underway to enable Ethereum investments as well.

How does Elirtex Earn?

Elirtex builds its income by ensuring correct relationships between entities. While the company works to increase investor’s capital, on one hand, it also works to offer financial support to upcoming startups looking to promote and market their products and services. The building blocks of Elirtex are the collective experience of its team of experts.

With Bitcoin having maintained a stable price range in the last 6 months, most expert investors will agree that there is a good possibility of multiplying investments while the crypto market is stable. As Singh puts it, cryptocurrency is no different from the stocks of companies like Microsoft and Apple that were pretty volatile, to begin with, but have developed their business models and now have stable stocks in the market.

On Security and Translation

Elirtex claims to be the go-to investment fund for security thanks to a commitment to a 2 Factor Authentication system that gives your account an extra security layer. Besides, the company takes security seriously and even comes with a 100 percent insurance on all deposits.

At the moment, the team is working to enable the translation of the site into 4 languages including Spanish, English, Vietnamese, and Portuguese. Plus, there are plans to add Turkish, Polish, Indonesian and Thai translations depending on user request.

To learn more about Elirtex, visit their site here or check out their Telegram channel for more information.

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