EMCD Provides Trouble-Free Access Amidst Major Mining Pools Connection Crash


EMCD, a leading crypto mining pool, assured their clients that the recent issues faced by several major industry players would not affect their servers’ performance. The zero-issue record, which becomes a fundamental point in terms of current instability caused by regulatory restrictions and subsequent access issues, will be maintained, the EMCD board states.

The most recent case, which influenced several pools hosted by Alibaba cloud, has led to massive DNS errors and temporary downtime. Users from most European countries, including France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Hungary, and Poland, faced an invalid DNS response, “Name or service not known”  error, or got erroneously redirected to third-party services like Facebook, Dropbox, etc. Similar issues were reported by the Europe-based clients of viaBTC, Poolin, f2pool, Binance, BTCcom, and others.

The EMCD team has continuously highlighted access, safety, and stability as their major priorities, with several specific strategic steps made to ensure these beforehand. Proud of their results, the company welcomes all mining-enthusiasts & institutional clients to assess the quality of their services, with an additional benefit available for all newcomers via the link.

EMCD currently allows mining seven top-of-the-market digital currencies, including LTC, DOGE, BTC, and ETH, with SHA256, Scrypt, Athash, and x11 algorithms supported. Additionally, the EMCD mining pool has no minimum entry threshold, so everyone looking for a reliable pool is welcomed regardless of their hardware and power capabilities. 24/7 live technical support is available with one click.

When reached for comment, Mikhael Jerlis, CEO and Founder of EMCD, has reassured their current and potential clients in the company’s commitment to values of safety and product sustainability. He stated:

“Since its early days, we consider the reliability of services we provide as a leading priority. We all know that prevention is always better, smoother, and finally cheaper than getting over the struggles. Therefore we strive to build two steps ahead when it comes to planning and product development. EMCD warmly welcomes individual miners and entities from all around the globe to assess our services with additional benefit”.

All newcomers joining EMCD via the link or directly on their website are eligible for a 30% commission reduction for three months with the “EMCDworks” promo code.

About EMCD

EMCD is a crypto mining ecosystem offering a wide range of services from mining pools and software engineering to the deployment of mining equipment and turn-key maintenance. The company operates its own mining infrastructure with full-scale mining equipment maintenance services. Additionally, EMCD offers smooth and transparent investing plans with a pay-back period of 9 months. Apart from this, EMCD offers Coinhold – an investment tool designed to increase investor capital. Currently, Coinhold has a 4.2% APY.



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