End of ICO Campaign for Biser


On the 31st of December, the ICO campaign run by Biser to support the development of their chat app has reached its conclusion, raising 6 million from 2000 contributors. Started on the 5th of July, the funds received from the ICO will be divided between developing the app, maintenance, and marketing. Now the team behind Biser will be busy at work for the launch of the mobile app, which is meant to revolutionize the way we use social networks.

Biser is a blockchain powered chat app with a twist, as beyond allowing for texting it also integrates additional functions such as payment options, funds transfers, the ability to pay for products or services and more. Every Biser user will, therefore, be able to use the app both as a traditional social app to video call friends or take pictures, while also using it as a mobile payment application. The potential for this is to develop the ultimate app that people can use daily as it contains everything they might need.

The mobile app has been planned to be as simple to use as possible, allowing everyone to get acquainted with it and use it as they please. Users can add friends to their circle with a scan of a QR code, which can also be done to follow artists or businesses of their liking. Companies can utilize the app to promote their products and even offer special discount vouchers via QR codes, alongside always keeping their customers updated with the latest news. Every follower of the latter will also receive notifications when the business shares something new on the app, encouraging a new level of engagement that will especially help emerging companies grow faster and with a more active customer base.

While individuals will be able to pay for their meals, any services they use or even their utility bills via the digital wallet included in the app, all is required to process payments is the addition of funds via the debit card, credit card, bank account or cryptocurrency of choice. Biser is a whole new way of using crypto in everyday life, allowing to access this new currency as easily as any other traditional currency. Alongside cutting down on the usual high fees and the delays in money transfers, Biser presents itself as the new go-to app for all transactions. The latter additionally allows for simple and quick transfers of funds between friends and family that can be done by selecting the contact of choice from their contact list, entering the amount desired and then authorizing the transactions with two security methods. Combining simplicity and speed with extra safety.

The Biser ICO campaign was the first of many steps to offer a new solution that can help integrate cryptocurrency more within people’s everyday transactions. The app not only allows for everyone to top up the digital wallet with any crypto of choice, but it also gives the opportunity of purchasing crypto via the app using either a debit or credit card or even a bank account. Making of Biser the desired highly optimized and safe cryptocurrency mobile wallet solution that has never been seen before. The features that make of Biser the ultimate alternative to the current social and payment apps are:

  • Smart contracts. Paying for services with Bisercoin utilizes some advanced functions that come within smart agreements with the intention of protecting transactions and ensuring extra safety.
  • High security. The asymmetric encryption pattern that works alongside the P2P connections helps eliminate any chance of interference from third-party, meaning that all user correspondence will be completely private and between the users.
  • Complete anonymity. Every user will access the app via a specific ID that only the users they wish to share it with will be aware of what it is. Individuals using Biser will be in control and no personal information will be shared with third parties.
  • Total confidentiality. As a decentralized blockchain powered app, Biser will not store or disclose any correspondence or private information. Meaning that differently from other competitors, users can access a new level of privacy within social networks.

After the first success of the ICO campaign, 2019 will see Biser list the token on exchanges, while the first payment card will finally be launched. Beyond that, the mobile app will be integrated with the above mentioned decentralized chat features, as the team works on reaching out to over 50,000 partners worldwide with the intention of having them accept Biser as payment. Once the initially promised functions will be developed and available to users, the next step will be to eventually create a gambling platform which allows contributors to use tokens as gambling chips and to integrate with online casinos. Biser’s potential is vast and the team of experts developing this and more features plan to fully explore what it’s possible to revolutionize and improve. Always keeping the user in mind first of all, Biser will continue to provide new solutions that help simplify everyday tasks and optimize services.

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