Enecuum Blockchain Project Launched Pulse Mainnet With Support for Mining on Mobile Devices


On August 28, the Enecuum project, developing a blockchain protocol for decentralized applications with mobile masternodes, launched the Pulse mainnet. Representatives of the project reported to ForkLog magazine.

Since May 2019, the Enecuum blockchain has been openly tested on the Neuro network. During the time, the testnet processed 143 million transactions, according to Enecuum.

“Neuro has performed well and this is just the beginning. On the mainnet, users will have the tools to issue their own digital assets and use them in decentralized applications. We look forward to a massive migration of users from other networks to Enecuum, primarily from Ethereum,” – Enecuum representatives noted.

The Neuro testnet processed 4 transactions per second (TPS). Pulse’s main network bandwidth is 10 TPS. In the next version of the protocol, the developers plan to increase this figure to 1200-1500 TPS.

On September 1-15, the ERC-20 utility tokens Enecuum (ENQ) will be migrated to the main network. The users can transfer tokens to Pulse through a crypto exchange or the project’s web wallet.

Enecuum’s main feature is the Trinity hybrid consensus protocol. In the Enecuum network, the blockchain is formed with three types of nodes: PCs, mobile phones, and coin holder servers.

Platform users can issue their own tokens and earn on smart staking. According to Enecuum, the ROI of PoA mining is 12-16% per annum, PoS mining for network validators (staking) is 7-12% per annum, PoS mining for network delegates is 6.5-10% per annum.

At the moment, ENQ tokens are traded on the KuCoin and Graviex cryptocurrency exchanges with USDT and BTC pairs. Enecuum plans to be listed on more large crypto-exchanges. Users will be able to place tokens based on the Enecuum protocol on trading platforms with ENQ support.

The project has an Android mining application, a block explorer, an economic model calculator for issuing tokens.

14 September 2020 at 14:00 UTC, the team will answer all your AMA questions on their YouTube AMA Stream.

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