ETFSwap (ETFS) Beats Out Ethereum (ETH) And Solana (SOL) As The Biggest Crypto ICO In History

Several heavy hitters in the crypto industry, including titans like Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL), have carried out ICO events to introduce their tokens to the crypto community, and savvy investors were able to make the best of these events to increase their portfolio. However, recently, experts have cast their eyes on another platform, ETFswap (ETFS), currently offering its token in a public ICO, speculating it will surpass the records Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL).

Ethereum (ETH) Tanks 2% With $150 Million Liquidation

According to data from cryptocurrency futures and information tracking platform CoinGlass, Ethereum (ETH), the second largest asset in the crypto market, has decreased by 2%, falling below the $3,000 mark and fueling a fresh wave of liquidation amounting to over $150 million. Other assets, including the king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC), influenced the massive liquidation as it plunged below $63,000, underscoring the bearish sentiment of the crypto market.

Part of the reason for Ethereum’s (ETH) current unstable nature is its clash with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which labeled it a security. The SEC action prompted Grayscale, one of the pioneers offering spot Bitcoin ETF filed, to withdraw its application for an Ethereum futures ETF.

In July 2014, Ethereum offered ETH, its native token, in an ICO that lasted 42 days at $0.32 per coin, and with the token current price, early investors have been able to rake in over 9,000% return on investment (ROI).

Currently, Ethereum (ETH) trades at $2,902, straying from its all-time high by over 40%, according to data from the assets tracking platform Coinmarketcap.

Analysts Believe This Is The Last Dip For Solana (SOL)

Pseudonymous analyst Immortal has projected that Solana (SOL) is now poised to surge to a new all-time high of $320 in 2024. Immortal has this sentiment because Solana (SOL) bulls defended the $120 support level during the recent severe market correction. If SOL follows the analysts’ trajectory, it will have to rise by about 110% with its current price.

While the analysts’ prediction may look too good to be true, cryptocurrencies are volatile assets that can record a massive surge in price in a short time. Also, when Solana (SOL) offered the token at its public ICO event in March 2020, it was worth $0.22 per coin.

With Solana (SOL) currently trading at $146, investors who bought it at ICO have realized over 72,000% return on investments (ROI).

ETFSwap (ETFS) To Surge 20,000% From ICO Price

ETFswap (ETFS) is a crypto platform that aims to facilitate the seamless trading of all exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on the blockchain through the tokenization of assets. To assist with trading tokenized ETFs on-chain, ETFswap (ETFS) has provided tools like ETF Filter, which will help traders locate specific ETFs by applying certain search parameters.

Also, the ETFswap screener will act as a DEX screener with an extensive database on ETFs, assisting users to carefully study each ETF before investing. A unique thing about ETFswap (ETFS) is its native token ETFS, which will create access to trading tokenized ETFs and benefit from other platform features like staking. Users who hold the token can make passive income by making their tokens available to the platform staking pool.

Currently, ETFswap (ETFS) is offering the token in its public sale at $0.00854 per coin in stage 1, and by stage 2, it will increase to $0.01831, indicating automatic profit for all stage 1 investors. As a cherry on top, experts expect ETFS to surge by 20,000% to the $3 mark, giving all early investors a tremendous yield on their investments.

Given the DeFi platform’s potential, analyst has predicted it will be the biggest ICO in the history of crypto, with returns surpassing that of Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL).

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