Ethereum & Bitcoin Investors Scramble for Limited Supply Fezoo’s Presale Aiming to Challenge Binance with Breakthrough Exchange Capabilities

Most Bitcoin and Ethereum holders are in the green after a strong performance from both cryptocurrencies in Q1 2024. However, in crypto, past performance is NOT a guarantee of future results. That truth has reared its ugly head to start the second quarter of 2024, with both Bitcoin and Ethereum sky plummeting from the heights of March. That has led members from the Ethereum and Bitcoin communities to realign some of their profits towards projects with greater potential to break out in 2024, one of those being Fezoo.

Fezoo is launching its decentralized trading platform set to challenge a portion of the $500 billion trading volume that flows through decentralized exchanges and through centralized exchanges like Binance. That could mean major gains for Fezoo once it launches. That’s exactly why Bitcoin and Ethereum holders are buying into stage 1 of its presale launch.

Binance ends support for Bitcoin Ordinals

The world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, recently announced that it will discontinue support for Bitcoin Ordinals to align with its efforts to simplify its product and service offerings. Ordinals are seen as the equivalent of NFTs native to the Bitcoin blockchain, which launched in January 2023. From April 18th onwards, Binance users will no longer be able to trade them on Binance. As of April 5th, Bitcoin was trading at $67,828, aiming to retest $68,000 after slipping below $65,000 to begin the month.

Ethereum tumbles below $3,300

Ethereum entered Q2 2024 with bullish optimism after breaching $4,000 in March behind speculation surrounding a potential spot ETF approval in May. However, as of press time on April 5th, Ethereum fell to $3,200, clearing the runway to a retest of March 20 lows at $3,050. Should Ethereum continue on a downward spiral, it could open the door to $2,750.

Ethereum and Bitcoin investors rotating profits into Fezoo

There’s no question that the great majority of Bitcoin and Ethereum holders are still in profit. However, the ones that have taken profit during their respective surges in March are no doubt looking to alternatives that could bolster their respective portfolios ahead of the halving in April. Industry observers are pointing towards newly-launched decentralized trading platform Fezoo as one of the top candidates.

Fezoo has launched the first stage of its presale, offering a no-KYC channel for leveraged crypto trading directly from personal wallets. The platform allows users to engage in trading, yield farming, and liquidity provision. Presale investors will benefit from a generous revenue share, with 50% of exchange fees distributed proportionally based on the number of Fezoo tokens held. Fezoo offers lower transaction fees than centralized exchanges and enables traders to leverage AI-powered bots for automated trades. The FEZ tokens are priced at $0.013, providing an attractive entry point for investors. The project is fully audited and positioned to capture a significant share of the decentralized exchanges market in 2024 and beyond.

Find out more about the Fezoo presale by visiting the website here.

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