Ethereum Classic Labs Officially Launched!

At Consensus 2018 in New York, Ethereum Classic Labs, an incubator platform based on the ETC blockchain officially launched. Supported by Digital Currency Group (DCG), Digital Finance Group (DFG) and Jack Lee, who’s the founding managing partner of HCM Capital at Foxconn. It has an initial capital injection of $50 million. It has gathered many of the worlds top development teams to provide a comprehensive incubation service to blockchain startup projects. The launch is expected to stimulate the technical development of the ETC blockchain, and to accelerate the launch of high quality ETC projects.

Ethereum Classic Labs will provide a full range of support, including operating funds, technical guidance, office space, industrial resources, creative strategy consulting, professional business planning and even proposal training to any start-up projects in the incubator.

The unique thing about Ethereum Classic Labs versus other incubators is that it helps not only to develop projects, but to bring together the knowledge and experience of industry leaders to help ensure the project remains competitive on the market. For instance, during the incubation process, the startup team has the opportunity for one-to-one guidance from industry leaders such as CTO, Igor Artamonov from ETCDEV, the core technical team of ETC.

Ethereum Classic Labs is backed by DCG, an active investing company who strongly supports and builds bitcoin and blockchain companies; DFG, leading investment company with diversified portfolio in blockchain and digital assets; and Jack Lee from HCM Foxconn (founded by the world’s top 500 Honghai Group). In the meantime, Ethereum Classic Labs received support from Bloq, a popular enterprise-grade blockchain solution provider. With the strategic support from the big companies, Ethereum Classic Labs will help to build and develop more projects on Ethereum Classic Blockchain and expand the ETC ecosystem in the coming future.

Ethereum Classic Labs provides technical support from top teams and industry leaders from around the globe. Participating start-ups will have opportunities to collaborate with ETCDEV, ETC’s core technology development team, and IOHK, the famous blockchain R&D engineering company. In addition, several blockchain industry leaders, including Igor Artamonov, Isaac Ardis and Charles Hoskinson, will also provide technical guidance to the startup team during the incubation process to help them build truly decentralized applications on the ETC blockchain.

Incubator’s Infinite Potential Enhances the Value of ETC

The purpose of Ethereum Classic Labs is to accelerate the development, expansion, and prosperity of the ETC community and the entire ETC ecosystem by promoting smart contract applications based on ETC. We can also expect that the operation and development of Ethereum Classic Labs, will spur development of more applications on the ETC chain and accordingly cause demand for ETC to increase.

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