Ethereum Platform DAO.Casino Announces Bounties for Game Developers

March 15th, 2017 – DAO.Casino, an Ethereum-powered gaming ecosystem, has announced that it will distribute 3% of all tokens among the first 30 teams that will develop games using DAO.Casino governance and finance logic.

DAO.Casino has announced the aforementioned bounty program because it believes that the developers building application on an open-source casino should have rights to monetise their work, and to keep their IP. The foundership at decentralised casinos must be even-handed, where rewards should be reserved for anyone who contributes value to the system.

Ilya Tarutov, the CEO of DAO.Casino, stated:

DAO.Casino offers an autonomous economy, in which no one single party has power to decide whom to pay, and all the resources are distributed automatically, exactly how the protocol governs it and “wants” it to be.”

The radically transparent and immutable code of DAO.Casino further enables indie developers to pay for their own hosting using decentralised hosting solutions. They could also allocate the tokens they generate for development, marketing, charitable causes, etc.. It therefore becomes possible to program games that can sustain on their own, making the route between creators and players more direct.

By adding transparency and security, the DAO.Casino project adds two important features traditional gaming enterprises tend to overlook. Combining financial transparency with bounty rewards and decentralized funding options makes DAO.Casino the next generation of gaming technology every indie developer needs to look at.

Unlike what the name suggests, DAO.Casino is a protocol is not just designed for casino games. Any game ecosystem can benefit from this Ethereum-based project. It is also important to note placing games on top of the DAO.Casino  does not link it to the proprietary user interface by any means. This user interface is merely designed to help players discover all of the available games, but indie developers are free to create their own visual gateways to these games as they see fit.

Speaking of creating a visual gateway to games running on top of DAO.Casino, indie developers need to host the frontend in a specific location. Decentralizing this aspect will be enabled in a future update, as the developers are testing decentralized hosting options as we speak. The first iteration of DAO.casino also offers game developers to hire their own marketing people. This further contributes to the decentralization aspect of this entire platform. It is evident DAO.casino will become the catalyst that herald the next generation of indie games.

Read more about DAO.Casino Bounty Program here.

About DAO.Casino:

DAO.casino is an open ecosystem for gambling games that don’t rely on a trusted third party. It is a decentralised governance system built on Ethereum that rewards all developers, security auditors and community members for their contribution to the platform where players can discover and play scam-free games using familiar and straightforward user interface.

Website: https://dao.casino       Email: [email protected]

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