eToro Copy Trading | Insightful Analysis

The relentless evolution of financial markets has introduced a game-changer for investment strategies – copy trading. With this innovative approach, eToro has become a distinctive player, offering a unique platform for novice and expert traders alike.

Traders Union published an eToro copy trading review, offering an extensive guide for those seeking to harness the advantages of this trading revolution. After exploring this review, one can navigate the trading world with heightened confidence and knowledge.

What does copy trading mean?

TU experts explain that copy trading is a rapidly rising investment method in financial markets. Key points to note are:

  • It offers a unique opportunity for network users with less trading experience to subscribe to the trading signals of professional traders.
  • Upon subscription, all trades and orders on the trading account of the subscribed trader (manager) are copied onto the subscriber’s account at a specific ratio.
  • eToro, the broker in focus, boasts one of the most advanced and largest social trading networks worldwide. A low entry threshold, beneficial trading conditions, excellent functionality, and straightforward usability mark this network.

eToro copy trading pros and cons

The TU experts comprehensively view the pros and cons of copy trading with eToro.


  • Level Playing Field: eToro’s copy trading offers an exceptional chance for novices. Even without years of experience or in-depth market knowledge, beginners can earn similarly to top traders on the platform. This opportunity bridges the gap between new and seasoned traders, fostering a diverse, inclusive trading environment.
  • Low Investment Requirement: eToro sets a low barrier to entry with a minimum investment of $200. This affordability opens the door to many potential traders who might otherwise be priced out of the market. It encourages broader participation, thereby expanding the trading community.
  • No Additional Commission: eToro’s pricing structure is straightforward – copiers are not charged any additional commission. This transparency allows traders to retain more of their profits, enhancing the appeal of copy trading for many.
  • Largest Copy Trading Network: eToro takes pride in hosting the world’s largest copy trading network. The benefits are two-fold: beginners have an extensive array of successful traders to emulate, and seasoned traders gain an expanded audience for their strategies.
  • Regulated Platform: With regulations in the UK, EU, and Australia, eToro operates within stringent legal frameworks. This regulatory oversight instills confidence in its users about the platform’s reliability and adherence to fair trading practices.


  • Uncertain Future Returns: It’s vital to understand that high returns in the past don’t equate to guaranteed future success. The financial markets’ volatility means that even the most successful traders can experience losses. Thus, while advantageous, eToro’s copy trading system still carries inherent risks.

Can I make money by copying traders on eToro?

According to TU experts, many investors regard eToro’s copy trading as an additional income source. The average profitability of the platform’s top 50 traders was 29% in 2019. However, it’s important to understand that excellent past results don’t guarantee future outcomes. Even significant hedge funds can suffer losses. Thus, investing only in what you’re prepared to risk is recommended.

How much does eToro copy trading cost?

TU experts clarify that copiers only bear the broker’s commission, which arises from the spread of the trades copied onto their accounts. Successful managers receive rewards based on particular conditions agreed with the broker.

Is eToro copy trading safe?

According to TU experts, eToro’s operations are continuously monitored due to its regulation in countries with advanced financial and legal systems. The platform also offers detailed information about all trades, facilitating financial result verification. However, the main risk is market-related, indicating that copied traders can both earn and lose money.

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Copy trading on eToro provides a unique entry into the financial markets, particularly for beginners. However, as with any investment method, it has risks. It’s essential to understand these risks and the cost, safety, and pros and cons of the system. For a more comprehensive understanding, visit the Traders Union’s official website.

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