Event of the month! Vestarin starts the long-awaited Pre-ICO


The age of innovations creates a lot of comfort for a modern person. It is no longer necessary to stand endless queues in banking institutions and account for the origin of your own funds – managing money today is much easier than it was five years ago. Crypto-currencies are becoming more and more established, as the pioneer stores and services are already starting to accept them as a payment. However, looking into the market, one may come to a conclusion, that there is no single venue that would unite all these stores and services in one place. But its all about to change!

The Vestarin platform will unite hundreds of businesses and in the future thousands of trade sites that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

 Users will function in a transparent and secure ecosystem, where everything goes peer-2-peer. Business owners will be able to successfully develop their companies on the platform free from bureaucracy, inspections of supervisors and endless paperwork. With care for each user, Vestarin will be multilingual. Developers are sure that receiving information about services and products is much easier in their native language, so the system will be available in the 15 most common languages of the world.

At the same time, it’s easy to use the platform functionality. The “Articles” section will aggregate useful information about the industry, the world of crypto-currencies in general, and useful recommendations for users. Topics will be systematized in handy directories for a simplified search of necessary information. Users will be able to replenish their knowledge at any time and get answers to the questions they are interested in.

On January 30th the Pre-ICO kicks off

According to the established schedule on January 30, 2018, Pre-ICO of Vestarin starts. Only 15.000.000 VST will be released at a special price, so developers do not guarantee that there will be enough tokens for everyone. Pre-ICO is conducted according to the scheme of priority for those who contribute first.

Early participants will benefit from almost guaranteed profits associated with a significant discount on VST tokens during the Pre-ICO.

Pre-ICO rate: 1ETH = 3000 VST
ICO rate: 1 ETH = 2000 VST
Target for the Pre-ICO is set to 2000 ETH, while the limit is 5000 ETH.

After launching the platform, Vestarin aims to consistently reward all VST token holders. Method of profit distribution of choice – token reimbursement (Buy Back and Burn). “Burning” means the withdrawal of tokens from the market. As a result of the reduction in their number, the value per token will subsequently increase.

Join the growing community of Vestarin and take part in the Pre-ICO right now on our website: www.vestarin.io

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