Famous Influencer Crypto Rick’s Endorsement Sends BlockDAG Soaring: Ethereum & Shiba Inu Take a Back Seat as Presale Surpasses $29.8M

BlockDAG has recently gone viral on social media platforms, especially after the prominent YouTube influencer Crypto Rick endorsed the project. Crypto Rick highlights its revolutionary technology and scalability and praises its seamless alignment with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The endorsement has spurred BlockDAG’s presale momentum, which is currently in Batch 14.

The coin price has surged by 750% from Batch 1 to reach $0.0085. Presale earnings have surpassed $29.8 million, when almost 9.4 billion coins have been sold. Meanwhile, Ethereum trading volume has seen a significant uptick, highlighting its continued relevance in the market. The SHIB crypto forecast is optimistic, with a whale realising substantial profits after holding for 2.6 years.

Ethereum Trading Volume Shows Positive Analysis

According to a recent analysis, Ethereum trading volume has surged. This significant uptick highlights the cryptocurrency’s continued relevance and activity within the market. Traders and investors engage in substantial transactions, reflecting ongoing interest in Ethereum’s potential and utility.

The robust Ethereum trading volume suggests a healthy level of liquidity and market participation, providing opportunities for investors to buy and sell quickly. As Ethereum trading volume remains strong, it contributes to the overall dynamics and vibrancy of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, shaping its trajectory and influencing market sentiment.

SHIB Crypto Forecast Shows Whale Activity

Based on analysis from captainaltcoin.com, the SHIB crypto forecast appears optimistic. A whale realises a substantial profit after holding for 2.6 years. This significant profit highlights positive sentiments surrounding SHIB and suggests the potential for a continued uptrend. The pattern observed indicates favourable market conditions, fueling anticipation among investors.

With the SHIB crypto forecast indicating bullish tendencies, investors may view this as an opportune moment to capitalise on potential gains. As SHIB continues to garner attention and activity, investors closely monitor its performance, considering market sentiment and external influences in shaping future trends.

BlockDAG: Transforming Blockchain with a 750% Coin Value Surge

Crypto Rick, the powerhouse influencer, has given his stamp of approval to BlockDAG. According to Rick, “BlockDAG stands out from the crowd” revolutionising the blockchain landscape with its cutting-edge technology and scalability. Seamlessly aligned with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), BlockDAG empowers developers to deploy existing Ethereum-based smart contracts effortlessly.

This compatibility unlocks a treasure trove of resources and established communities, propelling project development to new heights. Moreover, BlockDAG’s low-code and no-code ecosystem democratises blockchain creation, enabling anyone to turn their visions into reality, from utility tokens to NFTs, regardless of coding expertise.

Crypto Rick’s endorsement highlights BlockDAG’s mission to foster community growth. The company offers a generous 20% referral bonus that ignites interest and encourages widespread crypto sharing. Recognising its immense growth potential, Crypto Rick points to opportunities like the $2 million giveaway, which provides passive income avenues for investors.

This ringing endorsement has fueled BlockDAG’s presale momentum, culminating in Batch 14. Astonishingly, the coin price has skyrocketed to $0.0085, marking a staggering 750% increase from Batch 1. With presale earnings surpassing $29.8 million and 9.4 billion coins sold, BlockDAG is poised to reshape the future of blockchain technology.

BlockDAG: The Crypto Hit

While Ethereum trading volume and SHIB crypto forecast show positive trends, BlockDAG has truly stolen the spotlight, being the top crypto presale project. Crypto Rick’s endorsement has created a massive public appeal, driving incredible presale success. BlockDAG’s presale has launched Batch 14. The coin price surged to $0.0085, further instigating the total presale earnings to surpass $29 million. A total of 9.4 billion coins have been sold. This phenomenal response highlights BlockDAG’s potential to revolutionise blockchain and capture investor interest worldwide.

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