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Crypto trading is one of the best ways to make money online. This is partly due to how volatile crypto can be. There is also the fact that a bull run is expected before the end of the year. However, executing winning trades is not always easy. Keep in mind that for everyone who is making money, it is given that someone is losing.

Finbitex Trading Experts

In recent months, the crypto market had been in a bear run. This has led to many scams coming up as people try to make money. It has led to various pump and dump operations where people have lost lots of money.

However, most Finbitex traders have remained to make a profit. In fact, about 85% of people who use Finbitex trading services have made a profit. The developers of Finbitex are traders who have been in the world of Forex, commodities, banking, and crypto sectors. When Finbitex was created, it was only a 4-people operation.

However, their reliability and focus have turned them into a 48-man operation with numerous offices. The user base has also ballooned to hit nearly 5000 people. This figure is expected to continue rising as more people find out about the reliability of the platform.

The Platform

When users visit Finbitex, they will find a feature-packed platform that uses the TradeSoft trading software. The software is quite popular in the crypto world. Thus far, the Finbitex platform supports 40 crypto coins. The platform does not just have awesome trading features. It also has a lot of educational material and other trading resources for making correct trades.

The platform has 5 different account types with exciting bonuses.

  • Basic Account with 20% welcome bonus
  • Silver Account with 60% welcome bonus
  • Gold Account with 80% welcome bonus
  • Platinum Account with 100% welcome bonus
  • Black Account, which is a VIP managed account for high rollers

Finbitex is packed with features that are useful for traders, irrespective of their experience. Among the list of features include

  • Trading signals offered by PIAFirst, a well-known forex signals provider
  • Very low minimum account opening deposit of $250, with a minimum trading amount of $25
  • Support for Trading bots
  • Up-to-date market information, reviews, trends and research to support smart decision making
  • Advanced market tools to interpret market data and understand the driving factors
  • Best arbitrage deals
  • Crypto-backed debit cards for accounts holding 100 BTCs or more

Addressing Industry Challenges

The recent market trend has affected a significant number of traders, with most of them suffering heavy losses. However, in the past week, trades executed on Finbitex tell a different story. Unlike the rest, over 85% of traders on Finbitex have made profits, thanks to the fool-proof signals and proficient account management.

In the same context, Eric Schloss CEO of Finbitex states;

It’s time for people to reclaim the market, there is too much fake news dominating the crypto world, and that’s why trading algorithms and robots are failing, while human minds are flourishing. Maybe 10 years from now robots will defeat humans but for now, the proof is in the pudding. Finbitex boasts exceptional traders that can manage your account and have predicted the recent fall in BTC”

Also, the platform has security of funds as one of the top priorities. In order to ensure the safekeeping of cryptocurrency holdings, Finbitex stores most of the funds in cold storage. By doing so, it intends to limit the losses to a bare minimum even in the worst-case scenario.

A Human Touch

In recent times, there has been a move to automate crypto trading. However, the crypto world is just not ready for it. This is because of market manipulation by bad actors seeking to make a killing. For instance, they will push a topic and ensure that it trends on various platforms.

They will also artificially pump the price of tokens. This leads to bots being tricked and making wrong decisions. However, Finbitex traders do not have to worry about this. The experts running the platform can see through all the lies. This is how they were amongst the few to predict BTC prices would fall.

Bitcoin Giveaway

To celebrate their success, Finbitex is giving away 0.1 BTC for new traders that want to test their prowess. The coins will be given in accordance with the platform’s rules.

Learn more about Finbitex at –

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