Get Ready for the Worldwide Grand Launching of Bulltron


Bulltron is a premiere decentralized smart network on TRON. It implements a voluntary, sustainable, and permissionless global economic engine.

Bulltron is getting ready to launch globally. In pre-launching, Bulltron got 9,700 active Users in the last 30 days and a total of $95 Million of TRX Volume or Business. With the global launch of Bulltron Expect to get 25,000 Active users*.

*Data Source:

Bulltron first launched its smart contract called Bulltron Tron contract that works in Tron Blockchain. Bulltron is a permissionless system for economic inclusion and helps its community to accumulate wealth through active and passive cash flows.

You may have participated in one smart contract or the other ranging from Ethereum smart contracts down to Tron smart contracts. But then, we noticed that most people who participated in other smart contracts aren’t able to make a good income.

How do we explain the Bulltron Smart Contract?

Bulltron Smart contract is a computerized transaction protocol that automatically implements its terms. A smart contract is the same as a common contract, they all define the terms and rules related to the participants. Once the contract is started, it can run in the way it is designed.

High Availability-Trusted network structure, user assets, intrinsic value, and high level of decentralized consensus come with an improved reward distribution mechanism DPOS Consensus-TRX Network uses democratic voting to create a governance structure for community autonomy To achieve.

Key Features


Bulltron is a peer-to-peer matrix platform. All payments go directly to the members! You will NEVER have a company mismanage your funds!.

Proof of Stake

Tron uses Transaction as Proof of Stake to make sure transactions confirm the main blockchain and makes it complicated to forge counterfeit chains.

Performance (High TPS)

Tron-based Smart Contract is capable of handling 2000 transactions per second (TPS), which has surpassed Ethereum and Bitcoin. Due to the high TPS, TRON offers high throughput.


All transactions will be verifiable on the blockchain. You can view all of the transactions from ALL members, so you know exactly how the company is growing.


We do not collect any of your personal information during the signup process. There is no KYC information collected ever. This is your business and your company.

Referral Program

Bulltron smart contract set 2 tiers of referral rewards, which are 5%, 1%. The referral rewards are distributed to your balance automatically and you can withdraw at any time.

If you have any questions related to Bulltron, Please share to Telegram Support: OfficialBulltronSupport

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