FMCPay’s Second Airdrop Event Is Coming up Soon!


FMCPAY is one of the most trusted platforms for trading cryptocurrencies and digital securities in the world. FMCPAY  is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States that allows users to trade regardless of their location. In addition, FMCPAY  has a distinct advantage over other cryptocurrency exchanges. It is one of the few exchanges that has obtained a license to legally trade cryptocurrencies in the United States, attesting to FMCPAY’s legitimacy and ensuring the safety of users who choose to trade on the FMCPAY exchange.

FMCPAY, asides from being a cryptocurrency exchange, is also a stock brokerage firm. Trading pairs for stocks on FMCPAY are listed with the Tether stablecoin, unlike other mainstream stock brokerages. FMCPAY also has its native token, $FMC, built on the Tron blockchain to facilitate all transactions and is used to pay all exchange transaction fees. FMCPAY  is planning to launch another airdrop event and more details about would be shared in this article.

FMCPay Airdrop Event

FMCPAY, as a community-driven platform, intends to reward its early supporters and token holders by hosting its second airdrop event. FMCPAY’s first airdrop event was a huge success, resulting in a massive turnout of users on the FMCPAY exchange. According to reports, the reward pool for this second airdrop event could reach 89,999.000 FMC tokens. Thus, FMCPAY is attempting to repay their community for their assistance during the first airdrop event.

The airdrop event is open to everyone, but only 1000 winners will be chosen at random. Each selected participant in this airdrop campaign is eligible to receive FMC tokens worth $14 based on the most recent $FMC price update.

FMCPAY has simplified the tasks required to be eligible for the airdrop. All interested parties need to do is:

  • Join FMCPAY official Telegram channel

  • Like FMCPAY Fanpage+ Share pinned post

  • Follow FMCPAY Twitter and Retweet Pinned post

  • Follow official Haha page+ Shared pinned post on FMCPAY Hahalolo

FMCPAY hopes to replicate, if not outperform, their first airdrop event’s success. Therefore, the second airdrop event will take place on November 1st with the hopes of increasing the adoption of the FMC token and the FMCPAY exchange as a whole.

If you have any further questions about this airdrop event or the FMCPAY exchange, please contact them at:


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