FOMO Grips Investors as Metropoly Presale Nears Sell-Out

Metropoly presale is moving ahead at a rapid pace, having raised $1,243,904.84 already. As the presale moves to the last stages, investors are stocking up on the tokens in bulk. The number of presale participants has reached 3092 at the time of this writing.

METRO is selling for $0.08 in the twelfth stage now. The price will increase in the next stage and the token will list for $0.1 on its debut exchange launch.

What is the big deal?

Metropoly investors are in a rush to make the most of the early-stage discounts of the presale, since METRO token is predicted to climb 5X-8X upon its launch, scheduled for May. In that case, the steep bull run will make the token a hefty investment. Metropoly’s unique vision backed by a feasible yet highly ambitious roadmap justifies the projections.

So, why is METRO predicted to explode soon? What supports the value of METRO and why is it one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of 2023?

The appeal of the METRO presale and the underlying real estate NFT marketplace are not confined to the crypto market. It is growing popular in traditional real estate communities as well, which speaks for its credibility and market relevance.

Buying real Estate has never been easier

Metropoly is the world’s first NFT marketplace backed by real-world properties. With Metropoly, anyone can invest in real estate with the tap of a finger. Yes, regardless of your job, income, financial background, and credit score.

Metropoly brings high-yield property investments to the masses. After analyzing the profitability and risk of the property, it is listed on the NFT marketplace. In the next stage, it is converted into an NFT to enable its immutable blockchain record of data and transparent ownership. Once the process is done, the property is fractionalized into small, affordable NFTs. When it is live on the marketplace, you can buy it for prices as low as $100.

The platform’s appeal lies in the fact that it brings down the cost of real estate investment to just a few dollars, thus opening the door to the real estate market for people with low budgets. To give you a better perspective, real estate investment has one of the highest entry barriers. As a result, land and building ownership is concentrated in the hands of a few. Sadly, the scenario can’t be improved using traditional technologies, as they are characteristically centralized.

This is where Metropoly’s blockchain solution steps in, bringing unprecedented transparency and decentralization to the market. That too, while earning you monthly rent like a ‘REAL’ real estate property and accruing long-term value. The NFTs will undergo value appreciation based on the demand of the underlying property, and possibly vice versa along the road.

Liquid, passive, and diverse

Investing in a real estate property through traditional modes is long and tedious as it can take anywhere up to months. Metropoly real estate investment, on the other hand, can be completed in just under a few minutes. The marketplace lets you trade your NFTs any time you want.

It is also a passive investment, catering to people looking for an extra stream of income with little to no effort on their part. The NFT investments are also easy to understand, unlike stock, crypto, or commodity purchases. The headaches of dealing with banks, drafting and submitting paperwork, paying a long line-up of middlemen, finding tenants, and maintenance are managed by the Metropoly team. And more importantly, the smart contract distributes a share of the monthly/quarterly/annual rent to the NFT holder.


Metropoly features a wide range of properties from villas to luxury apartments and penthouses in different countries and cities. If you’re particular about what you want, browse the dashboard using filters. All properties are carefully hand-picked by Metropoly’s multidisciplinary team with years of industry expertise.

A robust project with large growth potential

The crypto market is no dearth of ambitious projects. While that is promising, many of these projects have failed to take off due to their unfeasible action plans. So it’s common to wonder if Metropoly’s radical solution to decentralizing the real estate market is too good to be true.

The launch of the Metropoly beta dashboard, months before the token launch, shows that the project is credible. The beta dashboard went live to positive reviews from the community. Given that Metropoly doesn’t just lower the barrier to the real estate market, but also improves the profitability of real estate investors, METRO has high growth potential. The platform maintains a strong competitive edge in the global real estate market owing to real estate fractionalization, which in turn leads to portfolio diversification and risk mitigation.


The METRO presale is moving to its last stages, with the token launch scheduled for May. In addition to attractive discounts, it also comes with eligibility for the Metropoly $1M Burj Khalifa Giveaway contest.





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