Free Market Token Economy to Reinvent $109 Billion Gaming Industry


In the vast majority of games, all in-game property legally belongs to the game developer or the publisher. This situation makes free and legal in-game item market trading between players almost impossible.

Players pay real money for in-game assets but instead of ownership, they get only a license to use those assets. They can’t trade them or sell unwanted assets to other players. That’s the in-game asset ownership in the gaming world today.   

Since in the majority of games trading in-game items for money is illegal, some players resort to trading in the grey market, and on many occasions become victims of scammers. Not to mention that if caught by the game developer, their accounts may be suspended.

This obsolete mentality of total control influences entire model of game business. And result in exploitive monetization schemes such as loot boxes and pay-to-win. Widely hated by players all around the globe.

Blockchain – A Transparent System Of Asset Ownership

Rejecting a philosophy of total control is more a question of willingness than a technical problem. With a help of blockchain, asset ownership problem can be solved easily. In-game assets stored on distributed ledger will have unique IDs and concrete owner. Assets can change hands transparently, safely, and with low transaction costs.

Merge: Eternal Battleground a blockchain based game brings this issue even further. They decided to combine asset ownership with the in-game token market and change the rules of game monetization entirely.

They decided not to sell any in-game assets that influence gameplay whatsoever. Those assets will be acquired by playing the game. The more you play, the more assets you get and can trade them on the free market. Such system motivates players to play more and even if a player decides to quit the game, he still is motivated to participate in the free market and sell his assets.

Monetization in Merge: Eternal Battleground model comes from a reasonable transaction fee. Such approach makes monetization transparent and honest.

Sustainable Long-term Business – Future Of Crypto Markets

In this stage of the crypto market, most of crypto tokens values are very dependant on market fluctuations. In the case of Merge: Eternal Battleground with the business model built around token based free market the value of tokens will be much more stable. Because value will be based not only on supply and demand but also on the real entertainment value of the game itself. This value will be enforced multiple times by players using tokens for trade. Thus a token’s value is less dependant on fluctuations of the crypto market.

Businesses that stabilize and base their tokens values with real products and services are the future of the global crypto economy. Liquid markets will be anchored by companies producing real value with desirable products and services. Stabilized value brings long-term investments and opens many opportunities for sustainable growth.

Many industries are experiencing change brought by blockchain. The game industry is still the one almost untouched. Merge: Eternal Battleground is one of the rare examples of crypto games that challenge gaming industry in the places where it hurts most. Their success will present a proof of concept of a new game monetization model. With time others will follow including biggest game corporations present.


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