From Business to Arts, Qube Is Set To Change the Way Digital Works

Multifaceted Qube World

Now that digital communications are rapidly developing and we increasingly demand getting everything at once, the creation of a multifunctional platform has become a necessity. This makes the QUBE project one of a kind.

Qube is a multifunctional project based on the four main cores: a Decentralized Exchange for trading with DeFi, an IDO Launchpad to help new projects start their path in the crypto world, NFT Marketplace where you can buy and sell different kinds of art, and finally, Decentralised Social Network for sharing your news with Crypto enthusiasts and building your personal community!

Rubik’s cube for users. Strengths and advantages of the platform

This platform resembles a cube with its four sides where each one truly compliments the other. DEX, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, and Social Network are well-performing combo for any category of users. There is no better place to satisfy all your needs, avoiding the mixing of a few different platforms and marketplaces when you have it all in one to make your dreams come true.

The main benefits of the Qube project are a truly transparent, multifunctional, and rewarding ecosystem for users. Combining several platforms in one gives you many advantages, and everyone can find a place and make the best of it – earning, trading, building awareness, enriching knowledge of IT, finance, Crypto world or just making new friends!

Maybe you prefer just chatting with a friendly community? You are so welcome here!

NFT is unique. Did you know that…

It’s a digital container in which you can save any information: graphics, music, different pieces of art and so much more? Once a token is issued, it is no longer possible to change it! It cannot be replaced with an equivalent object like a currency or Bitcoin so that it gives you digital ownership. So, if you have always dreamed about owning some BANKSY piece of art – you have a chance to reach the art world. You get all the digital property rights, – a sort of a copyright analog.

Recently, Qube has officially launched their very own Launchpad based on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and the team is in the process of negotiating with the few largest decentralized exchanges including PanCakeSwap. In the Q1,2022 it is planned to share details about the listing and NFT marketplace.


Website: https://theqube.cc/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/qubecryptospace
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/QUBE_cc
Medium: https://medium.com/@qubecryptospace
Tg Eng: https://t.me/qube_community2
Tg Channel: https://t.me/qubecryptospace

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