From Technological Innovation to Large-Scale Applications, BitCherry’s Development Has Entered a Mature Stage

As we all know, blockchain has become an important “accelerator” and significantly promotes the development of human society. Whoever masters core technologies in this field may dominate the whole commercial society. As an underlying public chain focusing on distributed business service, BitCherry has grown into one of the representative technology solution providers through years of deep development, its technology advantages have become a driving force to absorb new unprecedented development opportunities.

BitCherry founder Paul has declared that BitCherry officially entered into the 2.0 era of its strategic development when the new whitepaper release. Besides that, Paul further put forward the fundamental criteria of the public chain dividends: “ applications on-chain should be visualized, able to promote in a large-scale path, and more importantly focus on its data feedback.”

Looking back, 2019 is a year with dividends of blockchain applications that have constantly provided solutions for human society. It is also a year when BitCherry has scalable applications and innovation. As Paul said: “In the face of the core opportunities, BitCherry should maintain sufficient tension-based the development of e-commerce, supply chain, finance and other fields, always adhere to the values of service users..”

In respect of market development, BitCherry global community has covered up to more than 1 million users in a year with BCHC turnover exceeded 10 billion, creating 300 times increase miracle. Also, BitCherry successfully held more than 100 community events that drew a total of nearly 200 community partners to join and it has participated in over 10 international conferences. BitCherry’s business philosophy has distributed throughout the United States, Indonesia, Turkey, Dubai, Vietnam, etc, more than 10 countries.

Regarding business cooperation, BitCherry reached a depth of cooperation with governments and enterprises, achieving breakthrough solutions from pilot to scalability. Currently, BitCherry has provided blockchain technology solutions for 20+ global companies, and the data is still growing.

Technologically, BitCherry carried out from a “distributed e-commerce“to “distributed business” upgrade iteration, innovative proposed Blockchain Plus for the first time. This aims to change the current public chain’s scalability issue, insufficient performance, unreasonable governance structure, and low security through executable technology.

First of all, on the network protocol, we put forward P2Plus. In short, it is to shift the network protocol to the lower IP network layer and data link layer to ensure the reachability and security of p2p data transmission.

Secondly, in terms of data structure, we adopted HashRelationshipSpectrum technology, which made the consensus layer algorithm and the underlying P2P algorithm highly consistent and brought high-speed network connected efficiently and ledger consensus high secure.

In view of the governance structure, we designed a proof of user contribution and conducted a virtual vote according to the user’s behavior-PoUc. The selected nodes get bookkeeping rewards, also allowing token holders have the right to participate in project development and on-chain governance to improve node efficiency. On data expansion, BitCherry has integrated the concept of sharding and side chain to improve the performance of Dapp.

All in all, BitCherry will build a high degree of freedom and trusted environment through distributed business logic independent research and development of technology.

In fact, what BitCherry can solve is far more than that. In addition to e-commerce and social media that are currently widely known, BitCherry is doing something to change history in DeFi, smart cities, cloud computing and other fields. A year ago, BitCherry determined to become the leading blockchain business, technology provider, which has been achieved. Future, BitCherry still has the goal of becoming the world’s leading public business chain.

In 2020, as a global leader in business technology + blockchain integration provider, BitCherry reshapes its strategic layout, conducts a comprehensive upgrade of the public ecological chain to.

Strategy One: Break the island of value and commercialize the technology

BitCherry public chain will complete the main net launch this year, and establish a new channel for value transformation by the underlying technology research and development logic to construct the value of the Internet in the true sense.

In the meantime, BitCherry will test and publish TPS data, and complete test network online, in order to ensure a smooth start of the main net. In addition, BitCherry support contract programming capabilities, multi-language development and design, which are friendly for all developers, it means that more and more applications will be implemented and realized on BitCherry.

Of course, the ability to support large-scale network effects from the severe test is also what all the current public chains facing, to deal with the ‘explosion of phenomenal apps’, in fact, BitCherry already has its own policy.

First, BitCherry has a high-efficiency network. BitCherry public chain has achieved such as parallel the main chain, interactive side chain and other core technologies, with the development of the side chain, the whole network will carry processing tens of thousands per second level, while providing basic services for enterprises, providing mass data storage according to customer’s needs, deploying blockchain system and create DApp in one stop. This will accelerate the development, governance, and operation of multi-agency business networks, as well as the smooth development of decentralized applications, and exchange value between different entities.

Secondly, it is the extension of BitCherry. Limited by Ethereum’s single-chain, performance is greatly affected, all current Dapps have a common backbone. But, developers are able to deploy their side chains and independent properties without influenced by other chains based on BitCherry’ main-side chain structure.

Currently, BitCherry already has a mature case as well as technical barriers, such as integrated marketing scenarios when facilitating business usage.

Late based on BitCherry’s compatible characteristics with ETH / EOS, more Dapp will be relocated to BitCherry business ecosystem.

Strategy Two: establish a multiple matrix to realize business globalization.

In the next year, BitCherry will accelerate the process of globalization; we will continue to expand our business in more than 20 countries, such as South Korea, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, etc. The token will be listed on 3 to 5 the most influential mainstream exchanges in the world.

In the meanwhile, BitCherry will synchronize the project code to GitHub, open more sources in real-time, effectively establish a developer community, recruit outstanding individual developers to work and supervise, and set up a reasonable developer incentive plan during the period to promote our technical progress, including but not limited to code recover and debug, etc. At the same time, every BitCherry user can get complete blockchain data by downloading.

Secondly, in terms of community building, BitCherry will establish a decentralized consensus system. Every token holder can become a separate node, each node will participate in block package and broadcasting work, anyone can participate in the consensus process. Every participant will get incentives. At the same time, token holders will be entitled to all the rights and interests of BitCherry ecology, such as voting, participating in important events, and BitCherry’s commercial plan.

At the community level, BitCherry will actively cooperate with the world’s leading educational institutions, organizations, through seminars, MeetUps and other forms of event.

If the industrial revolution is a change in productive forces, what blockchain brings is the subversion of production relations. The current progress of globalization for BitCherry perhaps is only a beginning, government-level and future global enterprise-class cooperation will be the possibility and will exceed your imagination.

Strategy three: Layout incubation and ecological platform

With the launch of the main network, BitCherry will actively lay out the incubation of blockchain applications, establish an ecological investment incubation fund, and successfully incubate 100 + DAPP online. At that time, BitCherry will fully agglutinate the research resources of blockchain technology and application, actively promote the exchange and cooperation among incubation members, and accelerate the application of blockchain technology in various fields.

As the initiator of the incubation fund, BitCherry has always believed that the creative industries need open, equal, free collaboration. We want to integrate the world’s top industry resources into one, build a global network architecture, starting from multiple dimensions such as capital, technology, market, and business, these all can stimulate industrial transformation and promote the transformation of the commercial society.

On the application level, BitCherry token BCHC will carry the full flow of scenes within BitCherry Dapp’s ecological value as a carrier, such as:

  • Payments: users can buy products applied in BitCherry’s ecosystem through BCHC and enjoy the rebate.
  • Financial services: Users can lend USDT in BitCherry ecology financial applications whereby pledge BCHC.
  • Airdrop: hold BCHC will enjoy all airdrops in BitCherry ecology dropped by all applications.
  • Project Subscription: B BitCherry will work with the Exchange on the line; BCHC holders will enjoy the online subscription rights and other new projects.

With the development of ecological applications, there are more and more use cases for BCHC, and the application scenarios will be more and more abundant. At that time, digital currency will break from the hype and reflect more application value.

We can see the advantages of BitCherry network in its technical and commercial development in 2019. In order to meet the future development of industrial applications, high-performance network and low barriers to entry for users are the premise conditions which BitCherry just perfectly meet.

BitCherry is becoming a leader in the development of blockchain application development. We look forward that BitCherry will create a new direction in 2020. Meanwhile, BitCherry will continue to perform “Globalization + commercial + ecology” three-dimensional integrated development strategy to create a brand new industry model.

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