This little gadget puts the Bitcoin price right on your desk


You no longer need to check the Bitcoin price manually. The TicrThing is a hardware price ticker that keeps you up to date, hands-free. 

The bitcoin price is notoriously volatile. One day it is climbing, and the next you regret not having sold your bitcoins yesterday. How do you keep track of the price with so much work to do on your hands? 

Unless you dedicate a spare screen that constantly shows the price, you are probably going through this three-step process. Step 1: remember to check the price, so you don’t miss a good opportunity. Step 2: stop whatever you are doing now, so you can check the price manually. Step 3: repeat as often as you need to.

There is now a one-step process that replaces all that. Ready? Glance at the TicrThing. Done. 

The TicrThing is a dedicated wireless device that shows the bitcoin price in any national currency right on your desk. According to the product video, “the TicrThing puts the bitcoin price one glance away.” 

The TicrThing is created by a small team of developers, designers and engineers, who have met at the local meetups of Barcelona Bitcoin Community

“The Bitcoin price is always a hot topic on our meetups, as well as on Reddit and on Bitcointalk”, says Stan Stavrev, chief engineer of TicrThing. “We saw this as an opportunity and created a dedicated device”, he shares. 

The cube periodically connects to the local WiFi network or mobile hotspot, polls the bitcoin price online and displays it on the device. The integrated battery gives freedom to place the cube anywhere without worrying about cables. The configuration is also done wirelessly through a web browser. So no additional apps either. 

The gadget behaves like a bitcoin clock. Though many are just fine with checking the price on their smartphones, there is something neat in having a dedicated price ticker. It’s like having a clock on the wall, although your smartphone already shows the time. Checking the bitcoin price becomes as simple as checking the time. 

Chief developer Mike Mihaylov explains: “We’ve been involved in the blockchain ecosystem long enough to know this: everyone is secretly obsessed with the bitcoin price. The TicrThing feeds this obsession.”

The team is now crowdfunding the TicrThing on Indiegogo. You can support their campaign with as low as $8. The first 30 supporters can claim their TicrThing at 40% discount. 

So what’s the bitcoin price right now?

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