Gala Price Prediction: More to Come After 20% Surge. Rival GameFi Sensation Also Promises 50x in 2023

As a new bull phase unfolds in the crypto market, experts have identified where the buzz is, and that is the GameFi market. Recently, popular GameFi crypto, GALA, hit a recovery run with multiple price growths in recent weeks, the latest being a 20% surge. Now, experts have recognized a pattern for growth, influencing the optimistic view in the latest Gala price prediction.

Analysts agree that there’s more to come for GALA, but not for the crypto project alone. A rival GameFi project, Pikamoon (PIKA) is also on a bullish momentum, one expert predicted PIKA is set for 50x growth this year. With this article offering clarity, you as an investor can easily decide which of these two has more convincing prospects to wrap up the year profitably.

Gala Price Prediction Shows There’s More to Come After the Latest 20% Surge

It’s been all cheers in recent weeks for GALA holders, with the crypto’s price increasing by 20% again recently. Before now, GALA’s price rose by an impressive 30% before losing a slight percentage of the gains on Monday morning. The token currently trades around the $0.020 range, which is its highest point since August.

CoinMarketCap also reports that spot trading volume is also up by 210%, smashing the $264 million heights daily. However, as it appears, there’s no clear trigger for GALA’s sharp rise. Experts believe the positive market sentiment and the project’s utilities are fueling this. Plus, the latest Gala price prediction mentions some expected ecosystem developments soon.

The GALA crypto is currently the world’s sixth-largest gaming token by market cap, according to CMC. It remains to be seen if GALA can keep this growth going amid a competitive landscape where rivals like Pikamoon look set to hit 50x in returns this year. For now, Gala price prediction favors the prospect of investors enjoying the bullish wave for a longer period.


Analysis Reveals Why Pikamoon (PIKA) Has a Solid 50x ROI Prospect This Year

Pikamoon gave the GameFi world a project that introduces a new level of play-to-earn innovation where gamers get rewarded with crypto (NFTs or $PIKA) for playing its P2E game, Pikamoon Adventure.

The gamers earn rewards as they build empires from scratch through treasure hunts and adventurous contests. To give them a better chance at earning, gamers can increase the ability of their avatars by buying boosts on the in-game marketplace, using $PIKA.

Combining this project and its native token is a power combo. But, adding on innovative features like the one below increases the crypto’s chances of delivering 50x ROI to investors this year.

●     Credibility and Appeal from Active Community Support  

Pikamoon is supported by an enthusiastic community of respected experts, whales, and crypto powerhouses. This support gives the project solid credibility, and better influence, and makes it more appealing. Dubbed the new play-to-earn king, Pikamoon continues to attract more investors and GameFi lovers.

●     More Investment Through a Trustworthy Team

This GameFi project enjoys the trust of its entire community who acknowledge its long-term prospects and the guaranteed investment security. This is an edge it enjoys over several other play-to-earn and meme coin projects. The investment security Pikamoon offers comes from its core team which features only trustworthy professionals who have undergone certain verification processes like KYC verification and audits by a respected blockchain audit firm. Now, more investors are willing to invest in the long and short-term future of the project.

●     PIKA’s Use Cases Keep Demand and Growth Coming

PIKA’s rapid growth is thanks to the multiple use cases and high demand the deflationary hybrid token attracts thanks to its pivotal financial role in the immersive and thrilling play-to-earn game of the project.

With another bull season here, PIKA is set for even higher demand and value growth that will deliver massive profits for investors.

Why Buy PIKA Now? The Presale is Enough Proof

Pikamoon presale’s success has shown investors enough proof of how bullish the project will be. A chance to deliver massive profits after significant growth in the presale, plus its present price, $0.0006, makes investing in the promising token early the smartest choice for any savvy investor.

Get on board for the predicted 50x profit explosion by buying PIKA now.

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