Game On: Big Eyes Coin To Unveil 4,000+ Online Casino And P2E Games On August 29

Are you ready to level up your crypto gaming experience?

Excitement is building for the launch of Big Eyes Coin, the feline-inspired meme currency that promises to close its final presale round on June 3 and announce its launch on June 15, 2023. The team has also been hard at work as Big Eyes are poised to become the ultimate gaming destination with over 4,000 online casinos and play-to-earn (P2E) games, which will be fully operational on August 29.

Big Eyes Coin: The Crypto That Keeps Surprising

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has been stirring excitement since its inception. Nine months in, with $15,926 donations and $35.5 million in funds later, Big Eyes will cap off its final presale round on June 3 — 30 days from now. The BIG team has chosen to debut earlier than planned, in response to its community’s demand, launching on stage 13 and potentially scaling 7% higher with $38 million in funds raised. This move represents a deviation from waiting for the currency to reach its $50 million goal on stage 15.

With all this, Big Eyes Coin will finally debut on June 15, 2023! The unveiling will transpire on Uniswap and a top-tier CEX.

Before the launch, Big Eyes Coin has also revealed its final presale countdown promo, the END300. This rewards BIG token holders an added 300% on every purchase they make. Adding to the excitement, BIG token holders are eligible for the Double Up promotion. This generous extended offer rewards investors with an impressive 25% deposit bonus.

Big Eyes Coin 2025 Price Prediction

Boasting a total supply of 200 billion, Big Eyes is expected to command a fully diluted market cap of $120 million at a listing price of $0.0006 when it makes its grand entrance.

Come Bitcoin’s halving date in April 2024, a bullish market is expected to prevail a year after, paving the way for a potential 7x surge in the Big Eyes price. At this juncture, the coin’s value is predicted to surpass $0.004 and secure a live market cap of nearly $700 million. As a result, it will position BIG among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by 2025.

Yet, in a bearish scenario, the BIG price may trade below its stage one price, at $0.0001 (1 USDT = 10,000 BIG).


The Big Eyes Roadmap: BIG Games On August 29

As the crypto gaming industry continues to gain traction, BIG, the cat-themed meme coin, is positioning itself as a major player in the GameFi space once it launches.  BIG users can anticipate a next-level crypto gaming experience as it brings forth a new crypto gaming casino that boasts over 4,000 games and multiple play-to-earn (P2E) opportunities.

According to the BIG team, the highly anticipated crypto gaming casino will be fully operational by August 29, 2023, just two months after the BIG launch on June 15. With this, the team is encouraging investors to accumulate as much BIG as possible before the launch, anticipating that BIG will become more scarce.

Investors who hold BIG tokens will have exclusive access to the benefits offered by the casino, providing an excellent opportunity to tap into the potential of the GameFi industry.

With the eagerly anticipated launch of Big Eyes Coin just over the horizon, followed shortly by the grand debut of a thrilling P2E and crypto gaming casino, the visionary team at the helm of this project implores savvy investors to seize the opportunity to acquire BIG tokens with haste. By doing so, BIG holders will be poised to reap the rewards of potential scarcity, positioning themselves for exclusive benefits and potentially sky-high returns in the future.

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