This Is How Gamecredits to Increase Adoption of Cryptocurrency Worldwide


Game development has been in the limelight since the launch of the GameCredits blockchain payment gateway by the global game developer, Datcroft in December 2016. Since then, GameCredits payment gateway has been offering the first ever cryptocurrency payment solutions developed for the gaming industry. After the successful ICO ended in March 2017, GameCredits payment gateway is now Live, having thousands of players already using the system within the 8 million player game. GameCredits is differentiated from other blockchain gaming products in a way that it has been established by gaming industry experts themselves. As per one of the articles published in Forbes, GameCredits is contributing a lot to promote the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency globally.

But How Is GameCredits Contributing for Cryptocurrency adoption?

GameCredits’ design takes into consideration game developers’ requirements. Game developers seeking for quick payment processing, higher security, and consumer deposit limits, as well as lower fees, are getting benefited from an open source platform offered by GameCredits. This payment gateway enables all users to access the GameCredits blockchain web wallet directly from their game store. This system has been introduced to the 8 million users, where users choose to buy in-game elements or currency with their GameCredits i.e. GAME. Gamers who have been paying with GAME are also getting benefits from higher currency value, anonymity, transferability and security. Through GameCredits, video games establish an enriched economic ecosystem based on tangible digital asset’s utilization.

The Benefits for Developers

Developers are accessing GameCredits open source API. Once they access it, they can at once add GameCredits as a mode of payment in their games. This payment mechanism instantly decreases transaction costs and charges, thereby attracting an increasing number of game development experts with the passage of time.

GameCredits and all its partners including Datcroft Games are eager to enhance this platform for the game development community in near future. The payment gateway has specifically been tested to fulfill the requirements of players in successful and popular games like Fragoria.

Sergey Sholom, the CEO of the Datcroft Games states that GameCredits is the first gaming oriented cryptocurrency developed by game developers for the game developers. For such a successful integration of blockchain into this mechanism, there was a need for a team having strong background and expertise in game development. Collaborating on the team efforts, the company could bring a revolutionary product like GameCredits in the marketplace and got it succeed.

Both DatCroft Games and GameCredits’s development team have been in long-term collaboration to come up with more new features for impacting the gaming world and promoting cryptocurrency as one of the mainstream payment options.

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