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GameFi In 2022 Off To A Strong Start Thanks To ChainWars

With all the hype surrounding NFTs, crypto, the metaverse and blockchain these days, it would therefore make sense for GameFi projects to start emerging with increased frequency as our world becomes more digitized. It is this very mindset that led to the creation of ChainWars, a GameFi project that looks to attract both attention and investment from a diverse range of sources and audiences.

What is ChainWars?

ChainWars is a community-based, unique, and grandiose GameFi project with a space aesthetic. It combines the concepts of blockchain technology with that of a trading card game. Doing so enables new ways to engage with the game’s assets for its players.

Furthermore, non-fungible tokens serve as in-game currency and can be bought or sold through ChainWars’ respective marketplace. In this way, ChainWar’s consumers become the true proprietors of all assets obtained.

How can someone play ChainWars?

ChainWars’ main goal is to acquire and choose a powerful, diverse deck of cards which will permit the users to compete with the other top players. The players will be able to apply their strategic judgments before beginning a game by picking their deck and then using their rapid thinking while playing in order to get the win. Loot Boxes can also be purchased or won in order to gain better cards for PVP.

Land‘ will also function as an additional secondary mode of gameplay. This is a planet divided into several construction sites where players can enhance their deck, be given customization options for their respective characters, customize their plot of land, and connect with ChainWars’ other players. It also acts as a place where users can level up and will hopefully prevent issues pertaining to matchmaking.

The game is classified as a DCCG (Digital Collectible Card Game). The creators of ChainWars create the cards, which are subsequently made compatible by game and blockchain specialists. These cards also vary by species, category, and rarity.

To that purpose, the two primary groupings of rarity are ‘Tiers’ and ‘Forms,’ and the drop rates from Loot Boxes might differ proportionately. Tiers are just the strength variances assigned to the cards, and they are called ‘Common,’ ‘Rare,’ ‘Epic,’ and ‘Legendary.’ Forms are largely decorative in nature, however they can provide stat benefits as well. Among these are ‘Common,’ ‘Gold,’ ‘Diamond,’ and ‘Rainbow.’

Things to look forward to

ChainWars’ main currency (CWE/Chain Wars Essence) has been launched, in addition to partnerships as well as a robust support base already being established as well. Moreover, ChainWars’ alpha release has occurred too, and some things to look forward to in the near future include an NFT Marketplace, the Beta Release, bringing partners for INO, initiating the $CWE buy-back event, providing more liquidity to Moonlift and PancakeSwap, adding staking capabilities, being listed on DEXs and CEXs, and more.

ChainWars’ ultimate goal is to hence provide a platform where investors, gamers, and crypto enthusiasts can all come together to enjoy the game and reap the rewards in a fun and meaningful way. To that end, the teaser trailer is currently live on YouTube and additional information along with regular updates can be found on the project’s social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, as well as on the Telegram group and official website.


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