GameSwift Partners with Casper Network to Boost Web3 Gaming Adoption

Web3 has the potential to accelerate the transformation of the gaming industry. Web3-based games allow players to interact with the games in novel and decentralized ways, representing a significant change from traditional gaming platforms.

The novel concept also provides asset trading, tradeable game tokens, and opportunities for players to earn in cryptocurrencies while playing their favourite games. Gameswift is one of the top web3 gaming infrastructure platform and has continued to make significant inroads in recent months with high profile partnerships designed to increase its adoption.

The latest collaboration sees Gameswift partner with Casper Network, a decentralized layer-one proof-of-stake blockchain created to hasten the adoption of blockchain technology by businesses and developers.

This strategic collaboration between Casper Network and GameSwift, which aims to integrate Casper Network with GameSwift’s infrastructure, has been strengthened by Casper Network giving GameSwift a financial grant and awarding them trusted partner status.

Casper Network – A Decentralized Playground

Casper Network is a blockchain for builders. Imagine a decentralized playground where builders are free to express their creativity while still upholding the highest usability, cost, and security standards.

With the establishment of a virtual blockchain oasis ideal for builders wishing to advance their works, the CasperLabs team has excelled.

The collaboration is a significant step toward making blockchain experiences accessible to everyone, a goal of GameSwift’s to adapt to meet future demands.

The partnership is expected to offer users of GameSwift and the Casper Network several advantages.

One of its most significant features is integrating GameSwift’s infrastructure with the Casper Network, including the integration of GameSwift ID, Platform, and Chain through the GameSwift Bridge.

GameSwift x Casper Network partnership

This integration is scheduled to occur in the early Q2 of 2023. Users unfamiliar with blockchain technology will enjoy a new level of accessibility by playing Casper Network-based games without even needing a blockchain wallet, thanks to the partnership’s objective to introduce blockchain technology to the web2 area.

For those unfamiliar with the technology, it opens up a new realm of accessibility, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in the world of web3 games and experience the advantages of blockchain technology.

Users of Casper and the Casper Wallet will have quick access to the GameSwift Platform and its wealth of thrilling video games with only a few clicks. They have to link their Casper Signer wallet to the Platform, and they can sit back and watch as their in-game assets load up automatically, getting them ready to start playing!

Additionally, players can create their gaming IDs and transfer their gaming assets (such as tokens and NFT) between networks using GameSwift’s infrastructure.

According to GameSwift, “We’re approaching more seamless and accessible gaming experiences, smooth transfer of gaming assets between our networks, and a harmonious integration between our products and communities. With such a powerful partnership, the possibilities are endless, and we can hardly contain our excitement for you to experience them!’

About GameSwift

The web3 gaming market is transforming thanks to GameSwift’s game-changing ecosystem and infrastructure.

They offer all the components necessary to create an entire web3 gaming empire because they are a decentralized and community-driven environment.

It is a 360-degree platform for game creators and game studios that provides all the resources required to introduce web2 games into the web3 environment and a place for true gamers who wish to engage with the crypto community and join web3.

Lastly, GameSwift wants to create the biggest gaming community possible so that games can quickly develop popularity and have a broad user base.

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