Data Collection and Sharing in the Cannabis Industry Will Be More Effective with GANA Platform


On May 21, GANA Technologies started its token public sale that will last till July 20, 2018. Cannabis industry is to be revolutionized soon: the project provides optimized AI solutions for individuals and research institutes by establishing a blockchain-based system that collects and shares data from the industry.

GANA Technologies creates an ecosystem where all users can take part in development of the AI by contributing the necessary data for responsible training. Distributed ledger technology makes the process transparent – and helps in maintaining the good intentions of the AI and retain its objectivity.

GANA ecosystem

Although the idea of thinking machines has been around for centuries, so far we’ve been limited by hardware and lack of algorithms. Now, with the development of blockchain and Big data, AI solutions are not just becoming possible – they enter our lives in all spheres.

GANA ecosystem is a big data solution that collects and shares data, and serves as a learning pool for GANA’s AI. The ecosystem brings retailers, research institutes, and cannabis users together in a great online community. The vast amount of data GANA users contribute will lead to a revolutionary development in both AI and cannabis industries.

  • Research Institutes

Gana Technologies will provide the researches with useful insights deduced from the big data. The researchers, in their turn will also be able to submit their data to be used for further improvements of algorithms and performance of the ecosystem.

  • Online Community

Members of GANA community can share expertise and information on their activities with the ecosystem and with other members. They are encouraged to do so: sharing data through the mobile application is rewarded with GANA tokens. No personal data can be collected without user’s permission.

  • Dispensary

GANA Technologies will improve the system of cannabis distribution by providing IT solutions such as membership management systems and Pre-order to Pick up. This will also enable the developers to collect consumption data. With the help of blockchain entire personal information that is requisite to identify the user will be encrypted and managed.

  • Extensibility to related fields

The ecosystem will supply an open platform that can be used in various fields including cultivation, production and distribution. Gana Technologies makes the processes more easy and cost-effective for everyone in the industry.

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