Gem Crypto Gnox (GNOX) Creating Waves In Fantom (FTM) And NEAR (NEAR) Communities After Presale Sell-Out


The popular DeFi crypto known as Gnox sold out its previous presales in just a few weeks, with people from all over the world clamoring to get their hands on the digital currency. Gnox’s price has been on a steady rise over the past two months, and with the recent news of its presale sell-out, many believe that the price will only continue to rise, including Fantom and NEAR investors.

Some experts are even predicting that Gnox could become one of the top cryptos in 2023 due to its strong passive income utility and business model. While there is no guarantee that Gnox will reach such lofty heights, the recent news of its presale sell-out is sure to bring even more attention to the digital currency.

Fantom (FTM) and NEAR (NEAR)

Fantom has made investors a lot of money in the past, but it has also been a victim of the bear market and a lot of FUD that has seen its price fall by over 90% in value.

Fantom is known for its speed and scalability. However, the cult-like following that used to back it up has been dwindling because of the current market cycle. Its all-time high was $3.48, and that was nine months ago. It has seen a number of holders recently decamp and buy into the Gnox presale, leaving other Fantom investors wondering what to do.

On the other hand, NEAR investors are also starting to move their investments over to Gnox because they see more upside there. But NEAR investors are still optimistic about the token’s future. In fact, NEAR rallied by 17.5% on August 5, within hours of the security update being released.

What is Gnox (GNOX)?

Gnox aims to make DeFi investment more accessible and sustainable for ordinary crypto investors. Gnox’s developers have pioneered a new technique for promoting DeFi earnings by utilizing purchase and sell taxes to create a protocol treasury fund.

This capital is then utilized to generate profits for investors. Gnox holders will receive a monthly fixed currency payout and an hourly distribution of GNOX under this new method, appropriately titled “Hold To Earn.”

Gnox is a single investment instrument that exposes investors to DeFi and the yields available inside the sphere. Gnox’s price discovery round is likely to be remarkable, as it launches in positive market conditions with no psychological levels of resistance.

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