Get 100% Returns With Binance & Polkadot, DogeMiyagi Grows In Popularity

Following the devastating effects of the crypto winter, the market is in a steady state of recovery. As the year closed out and the new year was ushered in, the market fluctuated once again, however, it was thrown into widespread momentum with the events of the banking crisis. In addition, there were several upgrades present within the respective ecosystems that contributed to the value of these cryptos rising once again.

In recent months, there has been much debate as to which coins hold the most value and will deliver the most returns. Naturally, the arguments gravitated toward common investments like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) based on their incredible recovery a few months ago. Although, many other coins should be considered.

Polkadot (DOT) and Binance (BNB) offer a great alternative and are expected to grow exponentially in the coming months. Despite the legal action that was executed on Binance, its utility power gives it the upper hand over most other investments. Similarly, Polkadot looks very promising for the future, especially when considering the investment that is going into the projects on the platform which are certain to drive up its valuation. Furthermore, DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI) is another meme coin that investors are eager to own because of its brilliant concept and reward systems.

Binance on an Uptrend

Binance is the native token of the Binance exchange and enables trading across more than 50 cryptocurrencies. The coin is the backbone of the ecosystem and is primarily used to cover transaction fees on the platform.

Over the years, there has been a spate of controversy surrounding the coin but despite this, it is still one of the most valued coins in the market. It has had a string of excellence recently and has performed rather well, growing by over 1.40% in the past week.

In terms of investment potential, the coin is currently trading at around $309 and has faced resistance at its crucial threshold of $320. Crypto analysts expect a bull run to occur at a later stage of the year once the token surpasses this threshold, pushing the value up to a 53% increase and having it reach around $500.

Polkadot Spots Investment from Amazon Web Services (AWS)

If Ethereum was the Terminator, Polkadot is effectively the T-1000, based on its self-proclaimed layer-0 development which creates a foundation for others to build their projects with cross-chain interoperability.

It has recently announced that Amazon Web Service (AWS) has committed a grant of $250 000 to a project that wants to develop on the Polkadot Blockchain. This is a great opportunity for the blockchain to strengthen its web3 ecosystem and also foster an ecosystem of innovation.

The price of Polkdot has seen some good growth over the past week, coming up to over 2%. Many crypto analysts speculate that there is excellent potential for a rally to come from Polkdot in the coming months based on its volatility decreasing and the appearance of a steady upward trend in the market.


DogeMiyagi Grows Its Dojo

Karate Kid is a timeless classic that made everybody either want to be a Kung-fu master or believe that they already were and now, it has found its way into cryptocurrency. DogeMiyagi has brought one of the most revered classics into a meme coin for everyone to own.

Being completely community focused and aiming to foster an environment of mutual respect and consistent engagement, the platform comes with a plethora of opportunities and possibilities.

With its ongoing presale, it gives users a chance to earn their share of MIYAGI. They simply need to connect their wallets to the platform, receive a referral code which they distribute to their friends and then enjoy the 10% commission that awaits them every time someone uses the code.

Furthermore, it plans to release a selection of NFTs that will give users an additional stream of income and will encourage them to engage in the community.

As the market continues to heal from its wounds, investors need to know which projects have the best investment potential. We have seen the incredible growth of Bitcoin in a matter of months and as such, nothing stops coins like Polkadot and Binance from following the same trajectory.

With all the new upgrades and developments present in the market, these coins are highly likely to deliver excellent returns. Join the DogeMiyagi Dojo today. Purchase your tokens and be part of the squad!

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