Get 150% 1st Deposit Bonus up to 1 Bitcoin with

When playing at an online casino, one of the main perks that you come across is a deposit bonus. These bonuses can increase the amount of your initial deposit and allow you to have extra funds to gamble with. At, you have the ability to get 150% deposit bonus with up to one Bitcoin. This means that if you deposit .25 of a Bitcoin, then you will get .50 as an instant deposit bonus.

Instant Deposits

One of the more positive aspects of gambling at a casino like is the ability to use Bitcoins for instant deposits. Because Bitcoins operate using a digital currency, the process is much faster than dealing with traditional banks. There are no holds, waiting times, or limits to the amount that you can transfer into your casino account. There are two main methods of depositing your digital currency onto the websites.

The first method of deposit is through the official Bitcoin wallet. This makes it easy to connect your account and transfer funds as needed. Another popular source of Bitcoin funding is through Cubits. You can easily connect a Cubits account to your casino account and transfer funds as needed. Not only are the deposits fast and instant, but so are the withdrawals. When you’re ready to withdrawal your money, it will be instantly transferred to the Bitcoin account. There’s no need to wait for a bank transfer, check in the mail, or some type of approval process. All of the funds will delivered to your account just moments after you set it up.

Using Deposit Bonuses

Once you have earned a deposit bonus, they must be played and wagered at least 40 times before the funds have met the threshold and requirements. They can be used on any type of gambling game available on One of the main category of games available are slot machines. Digital slot machines are a great way to try and increase your winnings and turn that bonus into some real cash. A blend of fun machine options are available to play on. This includes scary slot machines, Las Vegas slot machines, and slot machines inspired by all types of movie genres like westerns and superheroes.

Along with slots, you can take a gamble at one of many table games. Classic games like Blackjack and roulette are available. You can also play International versions of the games. This includes European roulette, European blackjack, and Pirate 21 blackjack. Each table game features realistic graphics and sounds that replicate an authentic casino.

To keep up with the Bitcoin theme, there are a number of games on that are directly related to the digital currency itself. For example, in the game Heads or Tails, a Bitcoin is flipped in the air and you can place a bet on either heads or tails. The slot machine Satoshi’s Secret has Bitcoin symbols and themes that are infused into the games.

Getting the deposit bonus is a great way to start your account on Along with the first bonus, you can achieve additional deposit bonuses for any future transactions that you decide to make.

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