Get Free Video Games with FreeLoadr


Gamers can get free PC games just by running an application available at The system works by allowing a user to donate hash power in return for Freeloadr Points. These can be redeemed in the FreeLoadr store, which features some of the hottest titles available.

Push Start and Get Free Games

Want Dragon Ball FighterZ, Anthem or Battlefield V for free? Sure, no problem. All you need is a computer with an NVIDIA GPU in it. Just run the app, earn FreeLoadr Points and claim any of over 3000 Steam and Origin games for free using these points. The stronger your GPU, the more points you can earn. It’s an exchange of power for points – it really is that simple.

When you have enough points select the title you want. FreeLoadr will send you a code to unlock that game and you’re away.

You can get a sneak preview and get games for free by taking part in our private Beta right now. Go to:

“We want to take mining to the next level by telescoping the process to its simplest and most fun form. No need for an exchange, complex mining software, wallets, bank accounts, credit cards… Just press go, let the software run and get a game of your choice.”   – Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc


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