Get In Early – These 6 Crypto ICOs Are Ready to Boom in 2023


The crypto bear market of 2022 wiped enormous amounts from the values of cryptocurrencies across the board, from Bitcoin to the newest projects. With challenging conditions set to continue into early 2023, investors are turning their attention to crypto ICOs to find potential for significant returns.

An ICO (initial coin offering) is a scheme for new crypto projects to generate funds to help establish their platform in the blockchain while generating publicity to attract investors and users. A crypto ICO is usually accompanied by a white paper that outlines the project’s roadmap and future development, allowing investors to make an informed decision before parting with their funds.

These are the best crypto ICOs that will be ready to boom in 2023:

  1. Metacade (MCADE)
  2. Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA)
  3. CryptoCitizen (CCASH)
  4. ASTL (ASTL)
  5. Metropoly (METRO)
  6. Sleep Care (SLEEP)

1.    Metacade – Innovative virtual video game arcade set to explode in 2023

Metacade is a brand-new blockchain-based video game platform that aims to bring gaming enthusiasts together with the broadest range of play-to-earn (P2E) GameFi titles under one roof. Metacade’s multi-layered white paper has attracted huge interest from investors and the gaming community during its presale’s early stages. The hype will continue when the native MCADE token hits exchanges later in 2023 as investor demand surges.

While the platform’s P2E capability is the center point of Metacade’s offering, this is just one of several earning streams open to community members. Others include a revolutionary new Create2Earn scheme, where users are rewarded for interacting socially with the hub. In addition, new developers can apply for crypto funding to support the creation of exclusive new GameFi titles through their ground-breaking Metagrants initiative.

The community members are at the heart of Metacade’s plans. All MCADE token holders can vote on Metagrants applications, giving them control over which games hit the platform’s library. Meanwhile, Metagrants, which launches in Q3 2023, will lead innovation in the wider GameFi sector by providing new talent with essential work experience. This will feed into Metacade’s Work2Earn scheme, launching in Q1 2024, which will feature a job board listing the most exciting Web3 opportunities developers can apply for to drive their careers forward.

Why buy MCADE?

The attention already garnered by the MCADE token throughout its recently launched presale is tremendous. The beta presale stage sold out in three weeks, and the project has raised more than  $3.9 million as the presale continues. After launching at $0.008, the MCADE token will rise through each of the nine presale stages to an eventual price of $0.02.

Investors that take advantage of this exciting crypto ICO during presale are expected to maintain their HODLing once MCADE hits public exchanges. The increases in the value of MCADE will be driven by the long-term potential of Metacade’s exciting roadmap that will position the platform as one of the GameFi industry leaders in the coming years.

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2.    Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA) – Exciting P2E battle builder attracting ICO interest

Another blockchain-based gaming crypto ICO to gain attention over recent weeks is Heroes of Mavia, an exciting battle-builder game with P2E capabilities. Gamers build an army, fortify bases and embark on player2player battles against other users to capture enemy bases, further strengthening their power. Successful players earn RUBY tokens as they progress.

These tokens can be reinvested in the game to strengthen their position through base repairs and upgrades, fortifying defenses, and equipping their armies with a greater arsenal of weapons. Gameplay features include live battle streaming and a partnership management tool, which allows gamers to negotiate and manage military-style alliances with other players while earning passive income.

Other features include an internal NFT marketplace where gamers can buy, sell and trade Hero NFTs with other users, each of which has different skills to help players defend their bases.

Why buy MAVIA?

Heroes of MAVIA is underpinned by the native MAVIA token, which has gained a significant social media following from a new legion of fans and supporters. This translates into substantial funding through the crypto ICO ahead of the NFT launch in Q1 of 2023. Further releases in 2023 include the Free2Play launch due in Q2.

Indeed, Heroes of Mavia has attracted the backing of several big names in the world of crypto finance who have belied the current crypto bear market to get behind the project. These include Binance Labs,, and Delphi Digital, which have helped MAVIA become one of the best crypto ICOs to buy in 2023 ahead of a potential boom.

3.    CryptoCitizen (CCASH) – Addictive MMORPG GameFi title

The beauty of blockchain gaming is the potential to build open-world capability on platforms and cater to hundreds of thousands of users competing on the same platform. The new massively multiplayer online role-playing GameFi title (MMORPG) looks set to capture the imagination of crypto gamers with its rich free-to-play and P2E capabilities.

Game features include a first-person shoot-‘em-up engine, racing capability, and classical 1v1 fighting mechanics similar to arcade classics like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Gamers battle to earn the native CCASH token through winning challenges and improving their ‘Citizen Ranking’ while opening opportunities to access exclusive NFTs as gamers progress.

Why buy CCASH?

More than 200,000 users pre-registered for CryptoCitizen’s Alpha Test phase, causing waves in the metaverse gaming world while gaining investor momentum during the presale. To date, three presale allocations of the CCASH token have been completed.

When the presale concludes, demand for the CCASH token will be driven by the relative scarcity on public exchanges. CryptoCitizen is releasing a small proportion of the total token supply for public consumption, meaning that the price will likely explode in 2023 as the scramble to get their hands on CCASH intensifies, making it one of the best crypto ICOs to buy now.

4.    ASTL (ASTL) – Infrastructure ICO investing in crypto mining

Established Hong Kong-based infrastructure company Astol Advanced Limited recently entered the cryptocurrency markets with the ICO launch of its native ASTL coin. The platform supports crypto mining and enables investors to earn a fixed income in various ways.

ASTL coin holders can take full advantage of Astol’s diverse crypto portfolio to minimize potential losses by offsetting market fluctuations with its wide-ranging holdings. The ASTL token is underpinned by a proportion of Astol’s overall mining computing power, meaning that each coin holder can benefit from mining income without the need for renting or purchasing crypto mining projects.

Why buy ASTL?

ASTL is a highly accessible project, making it an excellent entry point for crypto newbies. Potential investors don’t need to have a library of which currencies are running hot or to keep abreast of the latest crypto market news or trends since Astol’s diverse portfolio does the hard work. Instead, investors can purchase the ASTL token and sit back while their HODLing works for them in the background.

The ASTL presale differs from other crypto ICO launches, offering investors three packages to purchase ASTL coins. Packages are “Light,” “Classic,” and “Rich,” priced between $100 and $5000, with the more significant investments reaping the greater returns. The presale is scheduled to end in April 2023.

5.    Metropoly (METRO) – Real-world property investment crypto ICO

Metropoly is a brand new idea in crypto investments, with investors having the opportunity to invest in real-world property without the need for massive deposits, lengthy battles with red tape, and the promise of regular passive income. Funded by the native METRO token and an NFT marketplace, each NFT is underpinned by real-world brick-and-mortar.

Investors can purchase NFTs for a minimum of $100, which is invested in real-world property by Metropoly, opening the world of property ownership to the masses. No mortgage applications or solicitors fees exist, meaning that purchases can be made within 20 seconds rather than months, as with real-world property investment.

Passive income is earned through rent, while Metropoly’s world-class team of experts manages all property maintenance. This makes any investment low-stress for METRO token holders and protects them from the potential repair costs that can dog the rental market if exposed to unscrupulous tenants.

Why buy METRO?

Metropoly’s new crypto-funded real-world property investment model looks set to disrupt the private rental market and real estate sector by integrating blockchain technology and democratization. This model looks set to shift an increasing number of online real estate transactions – a share currently less than 10%.

Seven presale phases have sold out, meaning that investors would be wise to purchase METRO now at the hugely attractive price of $0.05, which looks undervalued even in the current crypto bear market.

6.    Sleep Care (SLEEP) – New Social-Fi platform set to grow in 2023

The Social-Fi sector is one area of blockchain technology undergoing a quiet revolution during the current crypto bear market. Sleep Care is one of the latest platforms in the industry to offer users the chance to earn literally in their sleep.

Sleep Care is a platform that rewards users for building healthy sleeping habits with SLEEP tokens. The platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain, allowing users’ smartphones to gather metrics and people to monetize their sleeping habits. A minimum of five hours of sleep Is required to trigger rewards with GPS, body sensors, and physical activity, providing the data for the app to determine the quality of sleep. Sleepers can assess their rest with online dashboards and monthly leaderboards, determining further rewards for those gaining the best quality sleep.

Why buy SLEEP?

The ground-breaking premise of Sleep Care in the Social-Fi arena, coupled with its low market cap, has seen SLEEP gain momentum as one of the best crypto ICOs for investors to purchase now. Predictions are that the value of SLEEP could surge once it hits the exchanges.

Given the current development of more and more Social-Fi apps, increasing competition, and innovation in the sector, the current presale value of SLEEP, priced at $0.0005848, looks undervalued. Demand for SLEEP tokens, when listed, is likely to surge, provoking potential profits for the early investor.

In Summary – Metacade is the best crypto ICO to invest in now

The six projects examined all offer excellent potential investment value for investors looking for the best crypto ICO to invest in during the current crypto bear market conditions. There is value, particularly in platforms offering innovation within their sphere.

Metacade offers the best value. The project’s long-term potential is underpinned by a revolutionary roadmap, while the entire premise of the platform will see constant evolution and renewal as new titles are released. This assures investors of longevity, while the promise of innovation is secured by the likelihood of Metacade being at the forefront of GameFi development over the next few years.

With the enormous momentum already generated by MCADE through the earliest stages of the presale continuing to build, the current presale price of $0.012 looks like excellent value for anyone looking for the best crypto ICO to sink their money.

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