Get Ready for the First Islamic Blockchain


We have fantastic news: Caizchain is going to be live soon!

Developed with great concern towards human needs, the Islamic blockchain amazed business enthusiasts and even government representatives by respecting Islamic principles.

At the same time, the team ensured that modern values, such as progress, fairness, and freedom, were also valued.

What advantages does Caizchain have?

The purpose of building the Caizchain is to protect its users’ assets against third parties. After its release, some of the benefits that users will have include:

1. Full anonymity

Every fragile information you will give to the platform will be encrypted once and forever. The only thing that will remain transparent will be your public key – that other users can use just for transferring crypto to your account.

2. Low costs

There are no third parties involved in the transferring process; therefore, the business costs are a lot more reasonable.

3. Faster transfers

What did we say about third parties? Now that you don’t have to wait for an intermediate to validate your transfers, everything will operate much more smoothly.

4. Security against malicious actors

Blockchain technology is known for this particular advantage. It’s a decentralized system that can’t be hacked so easily. In order to get access to a single account, they would have to own at least 51% of the total amount of tokens available.

What else backs up the Caizchain?

Every blockchain needs to have a core cryptocurrency, and Caizchain comes with Caizcoin – that will provide a lot of use cases through NGOs, vendors, payment partners, and so on. Caizcoin is currently on private sale but will very soon be available for public on platforms like Uniswap and Pancake crypto exchanges.

Who runs all of these?

Caizchain is developed by the Caizcoin Company, which is run by both Muslim and non-Muslim economists with significant expertise in development, finance, and management.

Just by looking at their roadmap, you can see that they want to get everything that’s best about crypto and share it with all the crypto enthusiasts, regardless of the country or religion they are from.

If you want to find more about the project, follow them on social media and stay up to date with every news:


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