Gnox (GNOX): A Passive Income DeFi Token Promising A Monthly Income With Multi-Layered Security Ranging From KYC To Audit Such As Pancakeswap (CAKE), and Biswap (BSW)

Gnox Token is a passive income DeFi token that’s designed to make DeFi investing simple. In a time when stocks and crypto markets art highly volatile, the name of the game is passive income. Gnox Token holders work together to share in the riches offered by DeFi opportunities such as staking rewards, lending platforms, liquidity pools, and more.

Currently, on top DeFi sites such as PancakeSwap and BiSwap, it’s every man or woman for him or herself. Some crypto investors are good at finding the best opportunities while others aren’t so lucky. Even with DeFi investing and passive income investors can take on excessive risk and impermanent loss. Gnox gives everyone the opportunity to take part in the excitement without stumbling into a briar patch.

Gnox has developed a proprietary platform that aggregates data on passive income opportunities across an array of platforms. A team of DeFi investors then analysis the data to create a diversified basket of investments with the ideal risk to reward ratio. By investing in several opportunities, the risk of being left holding a single bag of tokens that have gone to zero is greatly reduced.

Profits from these DeFi investments are used to enrich GNOX holders via a series of buy-backs, token burns, and airdrops.

Speaking of burns, GNOX token is currently in ICO mode. The presale is broken up into three phases with a number of tokens set aside for each phase. All unsold tokens are burned at the end of each phase causing a boost in price for earlier investors. Once the platform launches in mid-August no more tokens will be minted. In fact, the supply will be constantly reduced through the buybacks. This decrease in supply coupled with an increase in demand should drive price action.

And speaking of price action, GNOX is designed to produce gains in both bull and bear markets. A 10% royalty on sales is used to fund the treasury and provide passive income to holders. The more volatile the market becomes and the more volume the token sees, the more capital is transferred to the treasury and the more tokens airdropped back to holders.

The GNOX token runs on and enjoys the security provided by the Binance Smart Chain. Binance is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain. However, Binance is much faster, more scalable, and has far less expensive gas fees than Ethereum.

Gnox recently announce that its KYC audit was successfully completed by Soken DeFi, one of the leading security and legal firms in the decentralized market.

The bottom line is that DeFi platforms such as PancakeSwap and BiSwap also offer passive income opportunities. However, in order to not lose their shirts, crypto investors have to put a lot of time into educating themselves and researching the opportunities. Even then it’s difficult to maximize returns and balance risk.

With Gnox, there are no losers. Everyone who owns GNOX shares the same rewards. Gnox makes it simple to enjoy the fruits of yield farming. All inventors need to do is buy and hold GNOX token and then sit back and watch their stack grow.

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