Goldario Announces First-Ever Blockchain-Based Financial Instrument for the Industry

Goldario Announces the world’s first-ever blockchain-based financial instrument that completely revolutionizes the eco-cycle for precious metals, precious stones, and jewelry industry.

Goldario, a project of ESC Management AS (a public limited company in Estonia) has officially announced the launch of its GLD Token pre-sale. The token acts as a digitized share in gold and emerald mines and in-house jewelry production for the world market and will allow its holders to benefit from the revenue generated by underlying business activities.

Precious stones, gold, and jewelry are some of the most ancient and enduring forms of personal expression and ornamentation. Therefore, associated businesses such as mining, manufacturing, and retail sale of gold, precious stones, and metals have always been considered as hot investments. Recognizing their potential, almost everyone wishes to become part of these business activities and profit from the revenue generated. However, entry for a common man to such businesses is practically impossible, which is why they are considered as a rich-boy’s club only.

With Goldario, this changes completely, as it revolutionizes the entire eco-cycle of precious metals, precious stones, and jewelry industry. By offering an Ethereum blockchain-based (ERC-20) GLD Token, it allows everyone—whether an individual with low investment or HNIs and investment firms— to participate in the token sale and thus become part of a potential, revenue-generating underlying business.

Goldario is striving to unify all operations involved in the precious metals, stones, and jewelry industry. Starting from the very first step, i.e., extraction of ores to manufacturing and then conversion of these ores to finished jewelry products and finally, their retail business, all are managed by Goldario. Consequently, the potential for revenue is limitless, as Goldario not only enables a common man to become part of the ecosystem but also unifies all of the multiple steps involved in the production of precious metals, stones, and jewelry, enabling the business to capture maximum revenue from the underlying business operations.

It is important to note that Goldario is not a traditional startup or a crypto-based token sale that is selling dreams only. The management has already established its infrastructure in Brazil with the name of G44 SA, a multi-business holding company, whereby it owns Emerald Mines (G44 Mineração) with estimated deposits of $3 billion, Gemstones Cutting and Polishing Factory, Jewellery Manufacturing Factory, Jewellery Retail Business VERT VIVANT and a partnership and shares in gold mines of H. JOMAA & G44 Mineração, Brazil. These gold mines are higher ore grade and containing a large quantity of deposits. With the token (named as Goldario Token) sale activity, the team envisions to expand further and achieve milestones as per the roadmap set by the leadership team.

At Goldario, the management and advisory board has ensured to get onboard a team that has the right expertise in mining, gold and jewelry manufacturing, business development, software development, security auditing, customer support, and marketing. The team recognizes the revolutionary potential offered by the combination of GLD Token and its deployment in the underlying business operations in precious metals, stones, and jewelry industry and its leadership team believes that Goldario will not only serve as a principal financial instrument but also drive the smart contract adoption through a transparent, audited business model and compliance with regulatory obligations. The management understands that regulatory compliance is a must for any business and has ensured that all its business operations are regulated and fully compliant to the jurisdiction of the business activities.

The Goldario Token Pre-Sale has already been commenced. Anyone who wishes to become part of the ecosystem can participate by purchasing a block processor package at the starting price of 1 USD per GLD Token, with the minimum initial limit being USD 125 for the package. All bonuses are being distributed to the clients based on new token-sales with maximum benefits from bottom to top-level clients, using the unique algorithm design of the Goldario Block Processing System, which is a Win-Win situation for all token sale participants and promoters.

Note: As the Goldario project is currently in its initial token sale stage, the management is offering a limited-time bounty program whereby prospective token sale participants, social media influencers, blog writers/publishers and network marketers can earn lucrative bounty rewards on their token purchases and promotion of the project among their circles and followers. Visit to register and get your bonus today.

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