Gridex Protocol Airdrop#2 Brings Over $10 Million Trading Volume to D5 Exchange on First Day

Gridex Protocol, the fully on-chain order book trading protocol, kicked off the second round airdrop of its native token GDX on March 1 to celebrate its launch on the layer-2 Ethereum chain Arbitrum. The airdrop was launched in partnership with D5 Exchange, the first aggregator combining the power of Order Books and AMMs, providing a revolutionary on-chain trading experience. As a result of the airdrop, D5 Exchange’s ETH/USDC trading pair alone reported a spectacular trading volume of over $10,000,000 USD on the airdrop’s first day.

With 9 days remaining in the campaign, 2,000,000 GDX, Gridex’s native token, will be distributed to users. Anybody who places make orders and meets the requirements during the campaign period will be able to receive the airdrop.

Gridex’s landmark partnership with Arbitrum will provide users with low Gas fees, and faster and more efficient transactions using Arbitrum’s Layer 2 scaling technology. By applying Arbitrum’s Layer 2 scaling technology, Gridex enables high throughput and low latency transactions at significantly lower gas fees than the Ethereum network.

Combing the advantages of centralized and decentralized trading

Gridex supports the trading of ERC-20 tokens through its self-developed Grid Order Maker Book (GMOB) model, which it uses instead of the conventional automated market mover (AMM) model normally used on DEXs.

As a result, traders can enjoy the ease of using a centralized exchange (CEX) with the security of a DEX. With its revolutionary GMOB model, traders can execute trades of any size or price immediately. Every transaction is done off-chain. This eliminates potential trust issues associated with off-chain limit orders and reduces the risk of issues like impermanent loss and slippage, which can often affect DEXs built using the AMM model.

This doesn’t mean that safety is compromised. To comprehensively protect user assets, Gridex Protocol has adopted auditing services from blockchain safety pioneers CertiK, covering smart contracts, on-chain order books, and overall security architecture, and no critical vulnerabilities or high-risk issues have been found.

All user assets are 100% decentralized, making the Gridex Protocol an ideal choice for traders who want the best of both worlds: the user experience of a CEX and the decentralization and automatic custody functions of a DEX.

The vision of Gridex Protocol is to revolutionize the crypto trading experience by utilizing cutting-edge technology such as the GMOB model to offer a complete DeFi solution that caters to the needs of every trader, which if widely adopted, has the potential to change the entire ecosystem of DEX applications.

For details on how to meet the requirements and how to receive the airdrop, please visit:

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