Hashdex Files For Combined Bitcoin And Ethereum Spot ETF; Algotech (ALGT) Presale Rally Nears $10M Raised

The cryptocurrency space is witnessing significant developments as Hashdex files for a groundbreaking combined Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Spot ETF, potentially offering investors a new, streamlined way to gain exposure to the two leading digital assets. Simultaneously, Algotech (ALGT) is making headlines with its presale rally nearing the $10 million mark.

How are these activities affecting the prices of these cryptos? Read on to discover.

Hashdex Move Yields Good Ethereum News but Negative for BTC: Experts Give Hope with Positive Bitcoin Predictions

On June 18, 2024, Hashdex, a crypto asset management company, applied to launch an ETF backed by spot Bitcoin and spot Ethereum holdings, the two largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. Analysts discovered the product in Form 19b-4 from the Nasdaq stock exchange on the same day, seeking permission from the SEC to list shares of the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index US ETF.

The ETF’s exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum would be market cap weighted, with a 70.54% allocation to BTC and a 29.46% allocation to ETH based on prices from May 27. The filing clarified that the Trust’s investments would not seek performance multiples or inverse multiples of its index, nor would it stake Ethereum to earn yield.

This application followed the listing of Bitcoin spot ETFs in January and the SEC’s recent confirmation that Ethereum spot ETFs would be live by summer. Unlike other crypto ETFs, Hashdex intended to use multiple custodians, including Coinbase and BitGo.

How did ETH and BTC react to this news?

Within a week, ETH surged from $3,483.68 to $3,559.35, igniting a 2.17% rise. Experts believe ETH will maintain this bullish trajectory, trading at $3,626.14 by the end of Q2 2024. With that, ETH will showcase a further 1.88% jump from $3,559.35. Of course, this is good Ethereum news. Does Bitcoin share the same?

Within a week of Hashdex’s action, BTC shifted from $65,140.74 to $64,960.30, registering a 0.27% downturn. However, according to analysts’ Bitcoin predictions, this bearishness may be short-lived. They believe BTC will reach $76,645.35 by Q3 2024. Should this come to pass, BTC will see a 17.99% recovery from $64,960.30.

Algotech’s AI-Powered Crypto Marvel: Why Analysts Are Smitten

Algotech (ALGT) has analysts buzzing, and they have subsequently dubbed it the superior long-term investment. In a sea of typical DeFi projects, Algotech stands out by weaving artificial intelligence into its framework, a trick most other projects missed. This genius move gives users AI-driven trading strategies, reducing blunders and boosting market analysis for better trading outcomes.

Early birds at ALGT have already tasted sweet profits, with initial presale tokens bought at $0.04 now doubling to $0.08 in the current stage. As the presale heads into its final stage, fresh investors are eyeing an enticing 87.5% leap to a listing price of $0.15. Besides its tech wizardry, Algotech knows how to woo with style, offering high-end Apple gadgets in promotional giveaways. This pulls in potential investors and cranks up engagement, making participation in the Algotech ecosystem a no-brainer.

ALGT: The Rising Star in the Crypto Market

ALGT began its public presale journey with an impressive private seed sale. Developers pitched their innovative concept to investors, quickly raising $1.1 million in just two days. This early success significantly boosted ALGT’s profile as a promising investment opportunity.

Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Algotech offers crypto traders a robust platform for success in the trading world. ALGT holders have access to hundreds of crypto pairs, which enhances liquidity and maximizes profitability. This combination of advanced technology and extensive trading options makes ALGT a standout choice for investors seeking substantial returns in the dynamic crypto market.

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