Hector DAO Reveals Major Ecosystem Expansion Plans for 2022


Hector DAO is a Fantom Opera Chain project. By establishing a multitude of use cases within the Hector Ecosystem, the project hopes to bring more value to its users. A portion of the profits from these use cases will be used to purchase and burn Hector tokens on the open market. Hector will become multi-chain in 2022 and has listed a series of new projects and developments that will expand its footprint in the decentralized space.

Hector had a huge year in 2021, where the protocol’s Treasury grew above $100,000,000, and technological innovations like 4,4 bonds and Olympus Pro gHOM bonds led the way. They were the most traded coin on the Fantom network in November and consistently rank among the most influential Fantom projects on LunarCrush. Hector DAO has one of the best RFV/Market Cap ratios in the space. They had weeks where they outperformed Olympus DAO’s best weekly RFV performance by 3.6 million RFV growth per day.

The market will ultimately determine the face value of HEC. When there is a lot of buying pressure, the price goes up. When there is a lot of selling pressure, the price drops: price action is the defining determinant of value in traditional markets. This is less of an issue with HEC because stakeholder equity will grow over time, resulting in a constantly decreasing cost basis. As a result, HEC balance takes precedence over face value pricing. Because the protocol mandates a growing price floor for HEC tokens, holders should be more concerned with long-term growth than with short-term price movement. $HEC is not a stable coin: It utilizes fractional treasury reserves and utility to extract intrinsic value. More information can be found on the Mathematical Basis of the DAO page.

What Lies Ahead in 2022 for Hector DAO?

Hector DAO began as a fork of OHM, however, it is determined to no longer be labeled a fork this year.  Hector is developing into a one-of-a-kind decentralized ecosystem. There won’t be too many noticeable changes for users in the near future. However, the project will continue to drop its APY over time, but this will not necessarily reduce the incentives users receive for holding it. In 2022, the project wants to convert the HEC token into a token with a capped or falling supply (more on that later), effectively breaking away from the OHM paradigm. Hector DAO also made it clear that they have no intentions to discontinue the APY rewards program.

In 2022, Hector DAO will serve as the umbrella under which the Hector Ecosystem will exist. Hector DAO will distribute resources and commands to the initiatives that fall beneath it. Project leaders will report to Hector’s Core Team and will coordinate the delivery and operations of each project. Hector is still a DAO. We’ll keep voting on modifications to parameters like partnership agreements, technical developments, funding allocations, and Launch Incubation.

Hector Launch will serve as an incubator and launchpad for new Fantom Opera Chain projects. There is currently a gap in the market for dependable incubators like these. Developers of new projects will be able to tap into the Hector audience by granting HEC stakeholders unique whitelist spaces. The benefit to the Developers is that they will be able to collaborate with Hector Launch to create a variety of materials to help with their launch, as well as receive access to the Hector community and reach a huge audience much faster than they could otherwise. Developers will also have access to Hector’s Protocol-Owned-Liquidity as a Service offering, which will allow them to build liquidity for their projects in a secure manner.

Hector set to Introduce a Bank, NFT Marketplace, University, and Much More

Despite making its debut in the final quarter of 2021, the Hector DAO protocol had quite a successful year and it is bound to expand and introduce new services in 2021. Some of the key services that will be introduced in the coming year include:

  • Hector Bank
  • Hector NFT Marketplace
  • Hector Swap
  • Hector Pro
  • Hector University
  • Hector Stablecoin
  • Hector Pay

While every upcoming launch in 2022 will add more value to the Hector ecosystem, some of the most notable services that are highly being talked about include the NFT marketplace and the Hector Bank.

In January 2022, Hector Bank will open its doors. Within the Hector Ecosystem, Hector will include an open interest rate protocol that will allow users to lend and borrow digital assets. The protocol’s benefit is that the treasury collects fees, which are made up of the difference between the APR for borrowers and the APY for lenders. The treasury expands as a result, which boosts Hector’s APY. The lending and borrowing protocol will have its own user interface.

Hector NFT is another aspirational project that the Hector ecosystem is confident of turning into a renowned name in the industry. Hector is developing a DeFi game in which players can win incentives for playing (P2E). The game will make use of the NFTs that have been under development for quite some time. The game’s profits will go toward expanding not only the game but the Hector Ecosystem as a whole.

To learn more about The Hector DAO visit Hectordao.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HectorDAO_HEC
Telegram: https://t.me/hectorDAO
Reddit: ​​https://www.reddit.com/r/hectordao/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/HectorDAO
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hectordaohec/
Medium: https://medium.com/@HectorDAO
Discord: https://discord.gg/hector
Github: https://github.com/HectorDAO-HEC
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@hector_dao
Buy HEC on Fantom: https://docs.hectordao.com/how-to-buy/for-users-already-on-the-fantom-network
Buy HEC on FTMScan: https://ftmscan.com/token/0x5C4FDfc5233f935f20D2aDbA572F770c2E377Ab0

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