Here’s Why HedgeUp (HDUP) Has More Positive Impact On DeFi Than Chainlink (LINK)


HedgeUp is a distinguished cryptocurrency firm that is the leading choice of investors throughout the globe owing primarily to its positive impacts on DeFi

Web 3.0 and decentralized finance (DeFi) are being continuously shaped and remolded with the regular launch of new firms. One innovative cryptocurrency firm to recently step into the market is HedgeUp which has profoundly affected the decentralized finance. The firm has grasped the attention of both large and small-scale investors and is witnessing exponential growth in its popularity with each passing day.

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What Is HedgeUp:

HedgeUp has created an alternative investment platform within the vicinity of the crypto sector. The firm serves as a stepping stone for non-traditional assets like wine, gold, diamonds, aviation, fine art, and gold watches by listing them on its alternative investment platform.

Here’s How HedgeUp Influences Defi:

The traditional assets in the crypto market carry a high risk, are prone to heavy fluctuations and are limited. Alternative assets, on the other hand depict exactly the opposite features. They carry a lower risk, are immune to ups and downs, and offer diverse investment options. Through the introduction of an alternative investment platform and the listing of non-traditional assets, HedgeUp has helped invigorate investor confidence in the crypto sector.

HedgeUp aimed to create a platform that maximizes return on investment for investors. To achieve this, the firm offers appealing rewards for investors who lock and stake their $HDUP tokens. The locked tokens will contribute greatly to the liquidity pool. This will ensure smooth and swift transactions of the $HDUP token on the marketplace.

Investors can secure an annual return of 28-36% on their investment by purchasing the ‘basket’ product of the firm. The basket product is a fusion of various asset classes. These asset classes include luxury watches, fine art, liquor, and diamonds. Combining asset classes that have seen different increases helps shield capitalists from price fluctuations.

Investors wishing to spend the crypto they earned via HedgeUp can now easily convert it to fiat at the rate of knots. Thanks to the experts at the firm, HedgeUp has partnered with a card processing company that allows rapid interconversion between fiat and crypto.

Many leading cryptocurrency firms crush investors under unreasonably high transaction fees and taxes. HedgeUp places only a 5% sale tax while the buy tax remains nil. This unique allocation of tax percentages favors buying and helps to keep the token price afloat.

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Impact Of Chainlink (LINK) On DeFi:

Chainlink is an Ethereum-based decentralized oracle network that allows corporations to transfer data from the real world to smart contracts for storage and evaluation. Although the firm offers a lot of utilities, it fails to create a significant, positive impact on decentralized finance. This is primarily due to the LINK token following the prevailing market trends. The firm, therefore, is a high-risk investment option for capitalists and remains mostly neglected.


HedgeUp favorably impacts DeFi and has become this year’s most sought-after cryptocurrency. Individuals wishing to earn a fortune should fly high to HedgeUp.

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