Highly Anticipated Launch Date For Aura Finally Gets Announced

Aura, a leading gaming ecosystem and NFT marketplace, is excited to announce its highly anticipated launch on 09/06/23, marking a significant milestone in this thriving industry. This historic event will bring over 100 Polygon games to the Aura platform, thereby providing users with a fully dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

Moreover, as the team is composed of gamers as well, Aura enables users to easily power their gaming strategies with real-time data. The team understands exactly what gamers want in their NFTs, and the platform assists them in accurately finding the best options on the market with in-depth filters to help them step up their game.

A launch to look forward to

In celebration of the launch, Aura is offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity for gamers to win 200 exclusive gaming NFTs. To participate, users must complete a brief and interactive survey designed to Banish boredom and assist gamers in discovering new games. Participants will be able to see if they are among the lucky winners of these highly sought-after NFTs by connecting their wallets and logging back in on the launch date.

Put simply, Aura invites gamers and enthusiasts to share in the excitement of the launch and embark on an exciting journey into the world of gaming. Aura is dedicated to revolutionizing the gaming landscape by providing an unparalleled and memorable experience for users worldwide, with its extensive game selection, captivating tournaments, and ongoing efforts to eliminate boredom and provide real value.

Past accomplishments and future goals

The Aura team has successfully onboarded all Polygon games onto the platform over the last 12 months, ensuring a comprehensive gaming library for users to explore. Aura also debuted “Wager,” an innovative tournament feature that allows users to host customized contests for the platform’s games. This unique offering boosts the overall competitive spirit and enriches the gaming experience for Aura users.

Looking ahead a year, the team has ambitious plans to onboard approximately 1,000 games from other chains onto the platform. This strategic expansion aims to position Aura as the ultimate one-stop shop for all things related to Web3 gaming, solidifying its position as the industry’s top platform.

About Aura

As one of the most prominent gaming ecosystems, Aura is committed to offering a diverse and immersive gaming experience. It essentially allows users to buy, sell, discover, and do things they enjoy.

The problem as Aura sees it is that although Web3 has a lot of potential, today’s marketplaces unfortunately do not meet these lofty expectations. Aura aims to solve these issues through connecting gamers and fostering a vibrant gaming community by providing a diverse range of games and innovative features. In doing so, Aura is shaping the future of Web3 gaming with its commitment to eliminating boredom alongside continuous expansion of gaming offerings.

In a nutshell, Aura allows gamers to transition between Web2 and Web3, unlock new experiences and metaverses, reimagine gaming as a viable career option, and finally assimilate real-time data and stats to improve their strategies.

Aura is not just another by the numbers marketplace, as it empowers users to discover new games, build with developer tools and SDKs, connect to various blockchains and communities, obtain high-paying jobs in this sector, enjoy simplified payment options, and more. Those interested can start exploring the marketplace as soon as they like.

For more information and regular updates, visit the official website as well as the Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook channels.


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