How CryptoCasinoClub is Envisioned to Revolutionize the Crypto Casino Space


Las Vegas, Nevada – April 8, 2022 – It is no more a mystery that with the introduction of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies several businesses shook the domain, opening the door to new possibilities for their development and growth. This is mostly due to the technology that underpins the operation of cryptocurrencies, i.e. blockchains and smart contracts. Because of its decentralised character, cryptocurrency is a great asset as well as a means of payment that is transparent and immune to manipulative activities.

At CryptoCasinoClub, it is referred to as the “new money of the Internet” by many, and the crew is made up of individuals that are passionately enthusiastic about crypto and blockchains. Despite the fact that Bitcoin was the beginning of the digital currency sector, it is a global consensus that crypto and blockchain tech will have a beneficial impact on the globe. Despite the ups and downs of the market, their convictions have only grown stronger over time, helping to make the world a better place.

What is Crypto Casino Club NFT?

On the Ethereum blockchain, the crypto casino club’s NFT is a utility collection of 7,777 unique designed casino machines. Owning a casino machine is the best way to make money in casinos, and that is exactly what Crypto Casino Club is looking forward to offer to their holders. In order to own the machines of the very first casino within the sandbox metaverse.

CryptoCasinoClub’s in-house designers working from the headquarters in the heart of Las Vegas, have worked meticulously on every aspect of each CryptoCasinoClub NFT. Every NFT design offered by CryptoCasinoClub is 100 percent unique and provides holders with a unique utility that has never been seen before. Having a CryptoCasinoClub NFT is equal to owning a share of the profits from the very first sandbox casino, and this is exactly what you would get.

To provide the groundwork for virtual reality gambling, the CryptoCasinoClub is creating an entirely community-owned casino within the sandbox metaverse. CryptoCasinoClub was the first non-fungible token (NFT) project to provide such a generous reward to its investors.

The Team’s Vision

Now that CryptoCasinoClub team’s primary aim was already established, they are concentrating on the next step where they are enthralled with the idea of providing unbiased advice to gamers throughout the world. In order to follow up on CryptoCasinoClub’s design and development work, they developed their website and compiled their list of favourite cryptocasinos.

CryptoCasinoClub also employs Blockchain Experts with specialization in crypto casinos to write with their valuable opinion. Apart from their useful resources, CyrptoCasinoClub has made it possible for anyone enthusiastic about digital currencies to join CryptoCasinoClub.

By now, it was obvious that the crypto market required a supportive participant to assist customers in selecting the best networks for their requirements. Such programmes did actually exist, but they really could not help much and CryptoCasinClub noticed a number of gaps and issues that weren’t addressed within a proactive manner. Propelled by such a visible dire need for support, CryptoCasinoClub immediately came to the conclusion that the industry might benefit from their distinct perspective and experience, so they established a crypto casino platform to serve that purpose.

What makes CryptoCasinoClub unique and different from others?

CryptoCasinoClub has a long-term goal of dominating the metaverse’s casino industry. Web 3.0’s initial metaverse is Sandbox, and they plan to implement it in the other metaverses that are expected to appear in the next few years.

CryptoCasinoClub stands out from the other 95% of NFT initiatives because they belong to the 5% that really have a project as well as a utility behind it. What is more, they set themselves apart by having completed the majority of the project before even the mint of the NFTs. This implies CryptoCasinoClub didn’t wait until after the mint to start with the development of the casino in The Sandbox; rather, they began construction on the casino prior to the mint. The casino was also built in perhaps the most popular metaverse. Since they wanted to give something tangible to their community well before NFTs were made available for general purchase. It was indeed no easy task, but CryptoCasinoClub were able to persuade the official architects of The Sandbox to help them out. These features very prominently set apart CryptoCasinoClub from other similar services.

The Strategically Designed 8 Phased Plan of Crypto Casino Club


Crypto Casino Club has been in development since Q3 2021 taking many actions to make it into what it is today. We started with a series of feasibility testing to make sure this project would last in time before risking our own capital pre-mint to build the first casino inside the Sandbox Metaverse.

Working with Sandbox developers we created the first and largest Casino inside the Sandbox Metaverse.


Once the Crypto Casino Club NFT collection is revealed, the game can start. Indeed, with a unique rarity system directly built into the NFT collection using Las Vegas Casino Standards, holders will be able to trade the casino machines based on their rarity ranking as we have partnered with RaritySniper to give holders a fully transparent view of the rarity of their NFT machine. In addition, one lucky minter will be the winner of a fully paid gambling degenerate round trip to Las Vegas.

PHASE 3: Weekly Royalty Pool Lottery

Let’s not forget we are a community-owned casino. This means that in addition to the NFT machines generating income, every week 25% of the revenue generated from royalties (reselling of NFTs) will be given back to the community as a random lottery between holders. The more NFTs you hold, the more chances you get of winning the weekly lottery.

Phase 4: Exclusive Physical Events for Holders

In-person events will be organized to bring the Crypto Casino Club community together, reward our best holders and further develop ideas for the future of the project. Our first event will be hosted in a spectacular Las Vegas Mansion to feature an epic casino-themed party. Future events are already in the pipeline and will be announced on our Discord as time goes by.

Phase 5: Dao & Game Development

We pay attention to what the Crypto Casino Club community has to say. All major decisions such as games included in the Casino will be submitted to a vote on a DAO system exclusive to holders before being developed inside the Casino. This will make sure the power stays in the hands of the community and that the team takes the right directions decided by the community.

Phase 6: Casino Inauguration and First Profit Splits

As soon as the Crypto Casino Club Casino is ready to attract its first customers, holders will gain premiere access to the casino before it opens to the public. The public opening will signal the first 30% profit split payout to Crypto Casino Club NFT holders. This is totally separate and comes as an addition to the weekly lottery system.

Phase 7: Wen Token?

Crypto Casino Club is actively working on the creation of its own $CCC token that will give its holders voting power through the DAO system built prior as a governance token but also free casino credits to gamble with many more perks as a utility token.

PHASE 8: Loading….

Our pioneer position in the Web 3 Casino industry opens the door to infinite possibilities. The team is thinking long-term and the future of Crypto Casino Club is looking great! Expanding into different Metaverses and turning the casinos into resorts with a myriad of events are just part of the possibilities we are yet to announce.

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Media contact: Etienne

City: Las Vegas
Country: United States


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