How House of Petals Founder Joey House Is Bringing Rock to the Metaverse


Rock music has drastically changed over the last few decades. With advances in technology and new talent entering the scene, a new modern sound has taken over. But is it possible to bring back the classic rock ‘n’ roll vibe while maintaining a modern feel? This is what renowned entrepreneur, model, and founder of House of Petals Joey House aims to achieve as she brings rock to the metaverse.

According to House, her goal is to use House of Petals to empower other artists in the industry and merge music, art, and fashion for people to enjoy. With the team at House of Petals, they are leveraging their experience and love for rock music to help other rock artists and change the global music scene.

A flower shop by day and Hollywood speakeasy by night, House of Petals brings music and art lovers together, revolutionizing the NFT marketplace. Joey has also brought on top celebrities in the industry, sharing the many memories made at the shop as they help the masses celebrate classic rock.

“Establishing House of Petals in the metaverse brings promise to the exclusive experiences with Hollywood celebrities and music events reminiscent of the vibrant speakeasy jam sessions of the past,” says Joey. Joey and her team are bringing this vision to life by leveraging their experience and expertise in their respective fields.

Joey has teamed up with Duquan Brown, a music industry veteran and serial entrepreneur; Chase Wimberly, a strategic business developer for Amazon and the co-owner of Future Media Holdings; and Carrie Lyn, a blockchain expert from The Creative House, who are leading the way for House of Petals into the metaverse.

Their unique strategies and well-detailed roadmap are some factors that set House of Petals apart in the industry. They have combined digital marketing, music, and blockchain technology, working with some of the top graphic artists in the market.

House of Petals has partnered with Kris Wimberly, executive producer for Disney and creator and host of The Animation Network, who is helping with the creation of the NFTs. They are also working with Rae McCarson, an experienced artist, educator, and creator who has worked with Nickelodeon, Marvel Warner Bros, and Universal Studios, among others.

To ensure that their project is inclusive and allows everyone to enjoy the classic rock ‘n’ roll vibe, House of Petals is building a strong online community. After releasing all-access badges to their holders, the users will then have the ability to mint guitar flowers and then burn them to get an avatar.

Their digital creators, including self-made artist and former NFL player Brian Poli-Dixon, are ensuring they create high-quality NFTs and make their journey into the metaverse a success. House of Petals is providing virtual and real-life (RL) experiences in the music, art, and fashion industries available exclusively to their holders. Hollywood actor William “Billy” Baldwin was recently added to the utilities for the House of Petals to provide intimate exclusive experiences for HOP holders. The visionary behind Mindful Meta, Steven Luis Howell, will provide a collaborative utility for the House of Petals will shape the meta-experience with transformational tools for wellness.

As they continue to expand, they are revolutionizing the art industry and bringing back classic rock. Joey House and her team are leading the changes from the front and introducing rock music to the metaverse.


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