How PoorQuack Fixes the MemeCoin Space

Over the last two years, especially after the crash of March 2020, the market went through some huge changes. One particular change or addition was MemeCoins… MemeCoins officially started to appear after the full support of Elon Musk to DogeCoin, the first MemeCoin ever which was made as a joke from its developer… Then an infinite amount of ‘’Inu’s’’ flooded the market, covering every possible dog race of the known -and not-world!

MemeCoins have the aspect of sudden wealth so much intensified in them, that it’s impossible to find someone in the crypto space who doesn’t hold at least one. Of course the majority of MemeCoins are scams and the only reason of their existence is to make their creators rich!

PoorQuack is most definitely a MemeCoin, which was launched through a Fair Launch less than a month ago. No presale, just a team launching their Vision, publicly, to all the Crypto Community!

And what’s the PoorQuack’s Vision? Well to be a MemeCoin of course, but much better, community focused, profitable and with use cases

Yes it’s true! PoorQuack supports Staking since Day One! Two pools are available for now: A 30 day Locked Pool where you can lock your precious $POOR for 30 days, getting a Huge APR of around 300% and an Open Pool where you can stake your $POOR with around 215% APR! Both APR’s are Huge and they promise huge gains for early $POOR Holders! Choose your Favorite Pool here: https://poorquack.com/staking. More Pools are on the way, designed for every taste and liking!

Token Sniffer

As i said at the beginning of this article, most MemeCoins end up being depthless Honeypots or completely scams, plunging investors to despair… That effectively changes with PoorQuacks Token Sniffer! You simply enter here: https://poorquack.com/sniffer, then paste the BSC Address of your Token and immediately get all the information you need whether it’s a scam, honeypot or a complete shitcoin… Yeah, the PoorQuack team can build stuff like that and they’re offering it to the community within their WebSite!

HoneyPot Checker

Another product designed by the PoorQuack Team is the HoneyPot Checker! Paste the BSC Address you want to check and get all the necessary info whether it’s a HoneyPot or not on your screen, again through the PoorQuack WebSite: https://poorquack.com/honeypot-checker

All three above products are fully working and almost 2000 PoorQuack Holders are using them, especially Staking, since APR is High. Almost no other MemeCoin has managed to have Staking live since day one let alone everything else!

PoorQuack is effectively fixing all mistakes and errors that MemeCoins are constantly making in daily basis for such along time…


Take a look on the PoorQuack’s Tokenomics here:https://poorquack.com/index#tokenomics and $POOR distribution here: https://poorquack.com/index#token-distributionPoorQuack Team has only 5% of the $POOR Token supply and it’s locked for 6 months! 45% of the supply is for Staking Rewards only. No infinite supply like many MemeCoins on the market, no emissions, which fill the supply rapidly, leading to massive sells and value decline, leaving investors with an 80% -90% decrease on their funds…

PoorQuack 2022 RoadMap will be filled with new Products and Listings. It already got listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko is next and some really hot stuff are on the works: Launchpad, Automatic Meme Builder, Meme Tracker, NFT Vault, Mobile Apps, New Pools, Physical Pools where you’ll be able to Farm real HiTech products like consoles, mobile phones etc…!

2022 RoadMap will be released soon, so join PoorQuack’s Telegram Group to learn more about it.

Future is bright for PoorQuack and the MemeCoin Space just got better!


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