How To Buy Penguiana ($PENGU) In Preparation For For GUIANA NFT Mint – A Beginner’s Guide

Penguiana ($PENGU), a Solana based memecoin is turning heads with its unique penguin-themed play to earn concept and is poised for significant growth as they get ready to release the trailer of their upcoming play to earn game and also the GUIANA NFTs which will be instrumental to playing the game and earning some tokens.

Here’s everything you need to know about Penguiana and steps on how to get your hands on $PENGU tokens in preparation for the anticipated NFT Mint.

GUIANA NFTS are limited Edition NFTs that would allow the holder to play the Penguiana Game & earn tokens.

The NFTS are just 1000 and would be minted for 50,000 $PENGU a piece.

According to the Penguiana team, 80% of the $PENGU used to mint the NFTs would be burnt and the other 20% sent to the reward treasury to incentivise early players of the Penguiana game.


Penguiana Token Key Points

Before diving in, here are some crucial details about Penguiana and its $PENGU token:

Limited Token Supply: $PENGU tokens are only 100 million in total and more can never be minted.

Also the $PENGU token contract has been audited by two independent token auditors and also has been listed on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko.

Trading On Raydium: The $PENGU token is currently trading on Raydium and can also be purchased through Birdeye.

How to Buy Penguiana ($PENGU): A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to buy Penguiana tokens?

Follow these steps below:

Set Up a Solana-Compatible Wallet: First, you need a secure crypto wallet that supports the Solana network. Solflare and Phantom Wallet are excellent choices for beginners.

Buy SOL: Next, you need to add some Solana (SOL) to your wallet. Here’s how:

Purchase SOL from an exchange like Binance, Coinbase, or Kucoin. 

Transfer SOL to Your Private Address: With SOL in your wallet, you’re ready to go.

Visit Raydium: Visit or Birdeye, connect your wallet, and then 

Click here or copy the $PENGU contract address below to find Penguiana and then input the amount in SOL you want to buy and sign the transaction.

$PENGU Contract Address: PENGEKyPYXYDnbXGKcjXaSfMsovhcrtPT8S7127tKcg


What Makes Penguiana Different?

Real Utility: Unlike many meme coins, $PENGU has a tangible use case. It will be used to mint in-game NFTs, adding significant value beyond speculation.

Strong Community Support: Penguiana boasts over 10,000 followers on Twitter and an active Telegram community, indicating strong market potential.

Upcoming Game Trailer: Penguiana is set to release a game trailer next month, showcasing the play-to-earn features of the $PENGU token. This release is expected to generate significant interest and drive up the token’s value.

Future Partnerships and Listings: Penguiana has several partnership and exchange listing announcements planned for next month, further boosting its potential.

Stay updated and connect with other supporters by joining Penguiana’s Telegram and Discord channels.


About Penguiana

Penguiana is a pioneering meme coin project on the Solana blockchain, inspired by the social and playful nature of penguins. It combines humor with substantial investment potential, appealing to both gamers and crypto investors.

By leveraging Solana’s high throughput and low transaction costs, Penguiana offers a seamless and rewarding experience for its holders.


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