How to Earn Passive Income Through Chimpzee NFT Passport Staking

Chimpzee has introduced an opportunity for investors to earn passive income – through its NFT passport staking feature. This staking feature allows users to generate a steady stream of income while contributing to environmental wellbeing.

Acquiring Chimpzee NFT Passports

The first step to be a part of this is to purchase a Chimpzee NFT passport, a digital asset now available for public purchase, with each offering varying levels of potential returns. Users can obtain a Chimpzee NFT passport by visiting the project’s website, navigating to the “Mint NFT” section, and selecting the desired tier.

The Diamond NFT passport, the highest tier, carries a price tag of 1,000,000 CHMPZ but offers an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 20%. For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, the Bronze tier is available for 300,000 CHMPZ and still provides a respectable 10% APY.

The intermediate tiers, Gold and Silver, are priced at 750,000 CHMPZ and 500,000 CHMPZ respectively, offering APYs of 18% and 15%. Once selected, users can connect their wallets and complete the purchase.

Staking Your NFT Passport

Once participants have obtained their Chimpzee NFT passport, the next step is to stake. Interested individuals can click on the stake button after connecting their wallet; all of this can be done on the crypto project’s site. The platform will guide users through the process, ensuring their NFT is securely staked and ready to start earning passive income.

Investors staking NFT passports not only earn passive income but also contribute to the growth and adoption of the CHMPZ token. As more users stake their NFTs, the demand for the token increases, which can have a positive impact on its value. This creates a mutually beneficial scenario where users earn passive income while also supporting the overall Chimpzee ecosystem.

Using the Staking Calculator

To help investors understand their potential earnings, Chimpzee provides a staking calculator. This tool takes into account the current APY, the amount of CHMPZ staked, and the duration of the staking period, allowing users to estimate their expected returns.

The staking calculator helps investors to make informed decisions about their staking strategy and maximize their passive income.

To maximize passive income, it’s necessary for participants to regularly monitor their earnings. The crypto platform offers a clear overview of staked NFT passports and their corresponding earnings.

Additional Tips

Diversification and Risk Management

To minimize risk and further enhance passive income potential, investors may consider diversifying their staking across multiple Chimpzee NFT passports. This strategy helps spread the risk and ensures that their passive income is not solely dependent on a single NFT passport.

Taking Advantage of Promotions

Chimpzee occasionally offers promotions and bonuses for its NFT holders and stakers. By staying informed about the platform’s announcements, investors can take advantage of these opportunities to boost their passive income.

Currently, the platform has an ongoing promotion for holders of its NFTs that could generate $10,000 USDT. More recently, the team behind the project announced that they will be rolling out $2,000 USDT in an NFT Passport drawing on June 21 for its NFT holders.

These promotions provide additional incentives and rewards for participating in the Chimpzee ecosystem, further enhancing the passive income potential for investors.

By staying attuned to the platform’s updates and taking advantage of these promotions, investors can maximize their returns from Chimpzee NFT passport staking. You can follow Chimpezee’s official X account where they share these updates.

While Chimpzee NFT passport staking offers the opportunity for earning passive income, the platform also provides the chance to stake the CHMPZ token itself. This dual-staking approach allows investors to diversify their portfolio and potentially maximize their returns.

By staking the CHMPZ token, users can earn up to a 40% Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The staking rewards are structured based on the amount of CHMPZ tokens staked. For example, staking 1,000 CHMPZ tokens can earn an investor a 5% APY, while staking 10,000 CHMPZ tokens can increase the APY to 10%.

As the staked amount grows, so too does the earning potential, with 100,000 CHMPZ tokens earning a 15% APY, 1,000,000 CHMPZ tokens earning 30%, and the highest tier of 10,000,000 CHMPZ tokens earning an impressive 40% APY.

This means that investors who have the resources to stake up to 10,000,000 CHMPZ tokens can potentially earn up to a 40% return on their investment. When combined with the 20% APY that can be earned through Chimpzee’s NFT passport staking, investors have the opportunity to diversify their portfolio and achieve a combined total APY of 60%.


To sum it up, by allocating their resources between the CHMPZ token and the NFT passports, investors can benefit from a more balanced and resilient passive income stream. Moreover, the process is pretty straightforward even for a person who’s not experienced in crypto.

The dual-staking opportunity provides a higher overall earning potential and also allows investors to spread their risk, ensuring a more stable and sustainable source of passive income within the Chimpzee ecosystem.


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