How Top Crypto Platforms Like Solana, Litecoin, And DogeMiyagi Are Ensuring A Bullish Future

With how fast things have moved in the past few years and how volatile the market generally is, it’s understandable as an avid investor to be both interested and worried about the future of crypto. With how things are currently going through, there’s little reason to worry. We don’t need the power of foresight to see how things will play out though! All we have to look at is these three projects and their plans, using them as an indicator of what we can expect from other top cryptos overall! Solana (SOL), Litecoin (LTC), and DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI) have a lot in store to turn just about anyone into a confident bull!

Solana Builds The A-Team

Solana has proven time and time again why it’s one of the most promising blockchain networks on the market, debatably even more than Ethereum (ETH) itself. With its incredibly fast processing speeds for transactions and perfect balance of accessibility and affordability, it’s no wonder the platform is so popular, with its native token being one of the biggest on the market at the 10th rank.

As a network and protocol, Solana has been home to many different crypto projects that all experienced varying degrees of success over the years, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down with its output any time soon. Something big for the future to already come out of Solana is Helium’s move from Ethereum’s network over to them. Helium is a popular network of hotspots that allows devices long-range connectivity with it with the effort of bringing decentralised WiFi to the mainstream. This was a move that saw instant growth for Solana when announced, showing that the market is very interested in everything Solana does.

From the decentralised DSP project Audius to the ultimately speed-focused AMM project Raydium, there are even bigger things being built on Solana that many all over the world are looking forward to – and the catch about them is, they have real-life usability outside of crypto. A mainstream push of crypto-related things into everyday life is essential to the future of crypto and clearly Solana understands that.

Fast Transactions Are No Longer Lite-years Away

In a crypto market full of speedsters, few stand out more than Litecoin, the 11th highest ranking crypto in the world. A pioneer in its own right when it comes to driving real competition in crypto, Litecoin has always played a role in crypto’s past, present, and future. Something that makes Litecoin impressive is that it has always been focused on the same thing – being exactly what its name implies.

By giving the community what it wants and continuously encouraging projects to prioritise transaction speeds without overcompensating with prices, Litecoin delivers without having to venture too far into different trends that its users aren’t interested in. Litecoin perfectly represents the backbone of the market, regardless of new things that come and go, as long as there are consistent tokens – the future of crypto will be stable.

DogeMiyagi’s Dojo Keeps Growing

If Solana represents diversification and Litecoin represents stability, DogeMiyagi is what can be born from a perfect balance of the two. As the newest project of the three (so new that it isn’t even on the market yet), DogeMiyagi is the future of Crypto.

With that said, though the project itself is new, Mr. DogeMiyagi himself has been around for eons. After a long journey of soul searching, the master has finally returned to whip his contemporaries into shape with the help of his pupils, the already growing DogeMiyagi community.

The Ethereum-based platform will allow users to create memes, buy limited-edition DogeMiyagi NFTs, and take part in community-wide initiatives that discuss other crypto while working to improve both the native token and platform itself. The features don’t stop there, though; a killer swap machine powered by Uniswap that allows users to swap their tokens for Ether is in the works too. The community will have complete ownership over it, which guarantees that everyone has an equal stake in the outcome.

At the end of the day, every new day is another step towards whatever your idea of what crypto’s ideal future is. These cryptos continue to deliver as they’ve consistently done and exciting new projects like DogeMiyagi always have a place in the market to grow. The presale for this is still early but selling fast, so if you really care about the future, buying DogeMiyagi now isn’t a bad idea at all.

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