Huge behind-the-scenes success for Digital Developers Fund

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With a few days to go until the end of its ICO, Digital Developers Fund announced the fundraising has successfully secured over $1 million from nearly 600 participants.

Digital Developers Fund (DDF) is an investment fund focusing on high growth digital assets such as domain names and crypto currency. The roots of the DDF go back to 2010 when DDF was incorporated as “Domain Developers Fund” in the Cayman Island. Today, DDF holds over 1,350 premium domains such as,, or In 2017, the fund rebrands to “Digital Developers Fund” and raises funds via an ICO to expand its asset allocation.

“Almost 600 contributors have now joined us on our quest to make investing in digital assets easier and more transparent. We are thankful to our supports and stay committed to our investors,” said Michael Marcovici, the fund’s Managing Director.

Institutional investors like TAAS and Monkey Capital have also joined the fundraising.

Furthermore, Monkey Capital has entered into an option agreement to acquire a 26% stake of the fund from token holders within 90 days after the end of the ICO, for a premium. When the acquisition goes through, DDF will be rebranded to Monkey Ventures.

DDF also shared a warning about scammers:

“It has come to our attentions that scammers are trying to acquire your contributions to DDF via fake mails and fake accounts on slack channel. Please note that DDF will never send any wallet address in an email or on our Slack channel. Never send money to an address you may receive this way, because it´s a scam.“

The DDF ICO is scheduled to run until August 9th.

To learn more, visit DDF at

The DDF vision is to be the premier investment fund for digital assets and to profit from their extraordinary growth potential.

DISCLAIMER: THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT A PUBLIC OFFER FOR INVESTMENT. IT IS DIRECTED ONLY TO KNOWLEDGABLE INVESTORS WITHIN THE ETHEREUM NETWORK. This document does not constitute a recommendation by DDF or its Directors, the Investment Manager or any other person, or advice to any recipient of this document, on the merits of participation in the ICO. Investment in the ICO carries substantial risk and may involve special risks that could lead to a loss of all or a substantial portion of such investment. Unless prospective participants fully understand and accept the nature of Company and the potential risks inherent in DDF they should not invest in the ICO. DDF Tokens are not being structured or sold as securities. This document and the ICO and any information on the DDF website is not intended for and applicable to U.S. citizens or legal entities domiciled in the United States. U.S. citizens or legal entities domiciled in the U.S. may not participate in the ICO. This document is for information only, please consult the full Prospectus on the DDF website.

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