A Chance to Win: HuntBet Decentralized Betting eSports Platform Announces ICO

Year to year, the e-sports championships’ prizes are grow-ing exponentially, the leaders of leading brands are putting their attention on this industry. For example, the prize fund of Dota 2 tournament “The International 7” is equal to $24 018 355 US dollars. For reference, this is 15 times higher than “The International 1” prize fund.

According to a research of the digital market made by Super DataResearch, the eSports market volume in 2016 reached $747 million. By 2019, they are forecasting an increase of 150%, which is $1.2 billion. The number of bookmakers is growing daily, despite the absolute opacity of their activities – their hidden earnings exceed millions of dollars.
Blockchain Betting

HUNT.BET is a high-potential decentralized e-sport project. Its basis – the betting platform for the most popular cybersport disciplines – League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: GO, HearthStone, Overwatch, etc. Also, HUNT.BET will have news portal, statistics on disciplines, tournaments’ broadcasts and a shop with gaming devices.

“HUNT.BET offers a new level in the betting field – usage of Ethereum smart contracts. This approach will eliminate the in-comprehensible schemes of cash flows and incredible commissions on the withdrawals. There is no more deception, and no delays in payments – each transaction can be tracked,” – said Nikita Fomichev, CEO of the HUNT.BET Project.

Smart contract receives information about the event result by referring to the outside world. After receipt of this information, the contract makes all payments automatically.

“Our resource was born with one purpose – to become the most transparent and convenient betting service,” said a representative of the HUNT.BET Project team.
“Also, we successfully launched our Bitcointalk bounty campaign – thanks to our Bounty-Manager Irfan with his brand-new Bounty Portals thing,” – said HUNT.BET Project Manager.


Token Sale started on Friday, 11th August 2017. The duration of the fund-raising is 22 days. During this time HUNT.BET plans to collect $15 000 000. The price of the HT token will increase from $1 to $1.5 with time, those who will buy tokens in the first days of sale will receive special bonuses.

The huntbet.io page contains more information about the upcoming ICO.
More detailed info can be found on HUNTBET.IO page.

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